Shown below are some miscellaneous shots of AX98's extra events and various oddities.  Big events and areas like Exhibit Hall and Ceremonies aren't the only things to see.  There are plenty of anime industry panels, discussions, celebrity interviews, karaoke sessions, video gaming centers, artist panels, contests, and parties going on at the same time, which gives you an idea of how packed AX really is.  And we haven't even touched the anime video theaters!

Miscellaneous Coverage of AX98

Here at AX98's Information Desk, fans could pick up the latest and greatest breaking news about what's going on behind their backs, so to speak.  Some anime showing they missed?  Some anime panel conspiracy under wraps? Where is the Exhibit Hall?  Where is the Convention Center?  What is this warm fuzzy feeling I get when I come to AX? Yes, AX Information brought in all types of lost travellers.  Even the cute ones.

Those wandering around the halls looking for free flyers were lucky this year to pick up six free copies of Unagi-chan doujinshi pages put out by an unknown fan.  For those that don't know, Unagi-chan is a comical character of Asari Yoshito, and her curious misadventures seem to always end up in some amount of chaos and destruction.  Sources say fans were quite delighted and stacks of these free comics disappeared in less than 15 minutes! A souveniur in itself is always the AX convention badge.  Colorful, simple, stylish, and very chic, 1998's badge chimed in with the current Fushigi Yuugi hype engine compared to last year's eclectic mix of any fan's favorite anime characters.
Hanging out with fans in the halls were Viz Communication's Toshi and Trish.  Quite an honor to meet such an aspiring couple of fellow compatriots in the wild world of journalism.

AX98 had quite a Dance.  And a bigger and louder one than the first, so reports say, comparing 1998 to 1996.  Fans say the Dance had better mix of hip modern and techno dance club music, better lights and sound, and of course more of the cute female gender.  If you look hard enough amongst the crowds, you can spot two wild young folks gettin' jiggy wid it.  Please excuse my terrible grasp of cool-speak.

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