The major area to be at AnimeExpo next to the Exhibit Hall is the Main Hall in the adjacent Anaheim Convention Center where hundreds of fans gather to see live performances, anime screenings, film premieres, awards shows, and other various events only a huge multimedia theater could hold.  This year, AX VideoTech was proud to debut upgrades to their sound and video equipment including huge wall screens, new microphones, new cameras, and clearer signal simulcast to adjacent video theaters.  Just being in the hall is an amazing sight to behold, especially when it's all for anime.

AX98 Ceremonies and Events

Shown here is the largest theater of the Convention Center, the Main Hall, where Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade, Awards Ceremonies, Art Auction, Film Premieres, and some Guest of Honor Interviews are held. VTech Supervisor checking the simulcast output before AX98's Opening Ceremonies starts.  The simulcast video is relayed to two adjacent video theaters with wide screen displays, so that attendees wishing to see the large events in the Main Hall but did not get in early enough can simply go to these smaller theaters and still see everything.
Even with so much to see and do (anime showings, events and fan panels, Guest interviews, etc.), you're almost gauranteed to run into a line for Ceremonies Events.  It's the hot place to be when something big is happening. Surrounded by a flurry of press and camera and sound setup activity. Anime Expo CEO Mike Tatsugawa and Special Guest Scott Frazier are all smiles before Opening Ceremonies.
Opening Ceremonies begins with a rousing taiko drum performance. Can't be complete without the cute taiko drum girls.
Shown here is the huge line outside of the Ceremonies Hall, literally wrapping around towards the parking lot!
Another shot of the line, formed hours before Masquerade, the second largest legendary event for Anime Expo. Masquerade is THE place to be if you're a fan of this kind of entertainment and don't these fans know it.  They lined up 3-4 hours to assure their early-bird place in line!  Such dedication!
Shown here is a close-up shot of one of the coveted special awards from Anime Expo's SPJA (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation).  This particular award is the SPJA Industry Award given to businesses inside the anime industry who create some of the most popular anime shows and characters.
Like a set of gems, the SPJA Awards glitter and sparkle for all to see. Stage shot of the SPJA Awards Ceremony.  Shown here are the two directors chairs for Best Anime Music Videos, Karaoke Awards, Modeling Awards, Anime Industry Awards, and the SPJA Charity Check for $16,000 to the City of Hope.
Stage shot of several items displayed for the SPJA Charity Auction. Items in this arena are anything from books to posters all autographed by past and current Guests of Honor and sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Another stage shot of the very popular Auction in progress. A camera is focused onto the item for auction so the hundreds of auctioning attendees may see the item up close on any of the huge wall screens.
Amidst a standing ovation, one attendee (in white t-shirt) successfully outbids two other auctioning attendees for a coveted Fushigi Yuugi color sketch by AX98 Guest of Honor Ms. Yu Watase.  The bid stretched to $3200, well beyond last year's $2250 limit for a Nobuteru Yuuki sketch.  Anime auction bidding history is made here, folks, at Anime Expo. Stage shot of the winning attendee holding her prized color sketch and shaking hands with the elated Ms. Yu Watase.

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