The biggest attraction at AnimeExpo is always the legendary Exhibit Hall. Always growing larger every year, this year's was no exception, gathering in over 80 anime exhibitors and distributors covering the hundreds upon hundreds of square feet hall space with stacks of anime items for sale.  Numerous fans have exclaimed how huge the hall was, how they got lost, and especially how their feet and wallets hurt and they still haven't seen everything yet!  Shown below are only a smattering of shots we took inside the Exhibit Hall.

AX98 Exhibit Hall

Pioneer Entertainment: the word is out, they are releasing all new anime on DVD only beginning this year. Bandai's Anime Village: a fresh new hip start for Bandai to grasp the old and new anime fans. Their focus: to release the latest and greatest anime favorites smaller distributors could never purchase the rights to release.
Kinokuniya Bookstores: it is unheard of them to come to fan conventions but they were there and did very good business! FutureBee: coming straight from Japan, they are a distributor of special anime collector's cards and quickly sold out of everything on the first day.
One shot among over a hundred other booths around the hall, all cramped and stacked to the ceiling and crowded with fans all eager to purchase, purchase, and purchase some more! Looks like three of the exhibitors couldn't wait for AX98's Masquerade to start.  Actually, it should come as no surprise that costumers will show off their newest anime apparel around the halls of the hotel at any time just for the shear spectacle.
Another shot of an ADVision exhibitor eager to please her attendees with Slayers paraphernalia among surrounding press and fan coverage.
This year, Linus Lam Network News went the extra mile and interviewed various cel exhibitors on what anime cel was their favorite, meaning that special one they always carry around but never sell. From simple and short to meaningful and well-put thoughts, now you know even the exhibitors are fans themselves.  You saw it here, folks!
"The cel that I like is this fine Mamoru-chan (from Sailor Moon). They're very,very hard to find, and I love it because it's so rare."  - Ninja Death Graphics "This cel has such special meaning for me. It's a gorgeous cel from Kimagure Orange Road with matching background. This is a scene from the Mushroom episode, where they all went looking for the magic mushroom and they bit it and they would fall in love with the person whom they were with."  - Nichibei Anime Club
"This is my prized cel because it's awesome!"  - Kuri Anime "It's special because no one else can get it.  We're the only guys who have it, and we're the best!"  - Usagi's House
"This is a cool cel because it's from one of my favorite shows called X, but this scene is from the pilot film X^2, which makes it even more rare.   It's my favorite character as well, and the character designer is Mr. Yuuki, and that makes it even more special."  - Anime Wink

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