Last year's huge attendance at AX97 left no doubt that AX98 would bring in even more attendees, so more machines were brought in to ensure pre-registration and registration was much smoother and faster.  Many fans agreed; lines that started 3-5 hours before AX Registration even opened on thursday and friday were cleared out and everyone had a AX98 Badge and Info Packet after only 2 hours or less.  Those coming in after 11am on those days or any time on saturday or sunday never even saw a line.  How about that.  Records show that total attendance for AX98 brought in over 4700 people from over 40 US States and 13 countries around the world.   This would be a 23% increase from last year's attendance which was over 3800.

AX98 Registration

To ensure gauranteed operation and connection to AX98's customer database, each and every machine had to be checked and rechecked from inside-out.  Shown here, a staffer does some last-minute installation of a new network card. Staffers watch as a machine is run through an automatic installation of an X-Windows kernel.
Already a large Pre-registration line has formed a mere hour before Pre-registration opens. The line has grown and wrapped around.  You can almost feel the excited anticipation in the air as fans eagerly await the opening of AX98.  Why the lines?  Because more and more fans love anime every year and Anime Expo is the Number One place to be.
Computers still being prepped and ready to go. Signs are put up, staffers are in place, and the clock is ticking until Pre-reg opens.
Last-minute advice is given. Registration has officially opened!
So what is there to do when you get your Registration materials before the convention has opened?  Fans flock to AX98 Merchandising to purchase many of the coolest AX souveniurs available: posters, t-shirts, anime info booklets, pins, and hats. Shown here is a crowd shot from friday.  The line on the left is for AX98 Registration.   The line on the right is for AX Merchandise.  Sources say the AX Merchandise line for 1998 was 100% larger than 1997.
Taking a break after Registration is closed, staffers gather to go over any problems or questions they may have encountered during the day or night.   Sessions like these are considered essential to ensure a solid, knowledgable, and dedicated working crew.

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