Setup - Day 2 - Buckhead (1998.05.25)

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Well, Day 2 setup was pretty uneventful over all. We pretty much got everything set up and working and spent most of the time coasting. We finished up fairly early. By about 4pm we were back at the hotel and we decided that we would wonder around a little bit. Everyone had heard of Buckhead and that it was the place to be if you wanted to have any fun at all. Things is downtown Atlanta were down right dead since it was Memorial day.. so these pictures are all about Lamont, Peto, Scanner, and Jessica wandering around Buckhead finding one thing or another to do.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of Fad&oaccent;, the Irish pub we hung out at for a little bit. But, here is what we do have to share with the rest of you.

That super-long escalator Right near the hotel we stayed in (the Hyatt Regency) there was a MARTA station. This MARTA station was pretty neat in that it had this huge escalator leading down to it. Being the playful bunch we were we had to experiment a bit with this escalator.
Here are several images looking up the escalator. At the top, although you can only see him in the last of the three images is Lamont doing various silly things. It all ended up with Lamont trying to walk down the up-escalator to get to us, getting dizzy, and almost falling down the length of the escalator. The long escalator..
the long escalator sideways Lamont at the top
increasingly dizzy lamont As we finally returned back up the elevator from our antics, trying to reach Lamont he did eventually get closer and closer to us in his attempt to walk down the up-escalator without falling down.

After enough fooling around we did what most people do when they take public transit. We waited. Since we were going to Buckhead and the line we were on split in two before reaching Buckhead we had to make sure that we got on to the correct train going in our direction.

Here, Lamont practices his casual "I belong" attitude while Peto looks on his bemused fashion.

Casual Lamont
better check twice On the subway platform MARTA had helpfully posted a little directory telling you which way to go to get to various destinations. We found it a bit humourous that almost all of the destinations on the map showed a direction of "up and to the left." Not sure why this was so funny at the time..

After walking around Buckhead for a while we came upon the Fish Market which had the most unusual feature of having the world's largest free standing statue of a fish. It does not show up to well in the first picture, but it does show up better in some of the following pictures.

A big fish
a big fish! a big fish
Looking up a big fish This really was a big fish.
How do we know that this was the world's largest free standing fish statue? Well, Jessica went and asked the restaurant while we waited outside. Here she is returning from her questioning trip. Lamont is idly standing over part of the fish's tail. Fish proximity

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