E3 and Breakdown - Day 3 (1998.05.30)

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The final day of E3 is upon us and afterwards we have to pack up and send off all the bits and pieces, parts and parcels that made up our world for the past six days.

Happy Phil Meet Phil Gelber. See how happy he is that this is the final day of E3? Phil, are you happy? Look at that smile. Maybe Phil is happy because he was just with the Women of Vigilancethat you can see in the background near the center of the HEAT ring. Is that why you are happy, Phil?
Here we are looking across from the 10six stations towards the Vigilance and AnyWorld stations. You can see one of the Women of Vigilance lounging idly near these stations. In the distance you can see the Skies stations, and beyond them the Virtual Makeover section of the booth. Oh.. what to do
Soldiers, Aliens, and babes

Since we were right next to GameStorm and GameStorm had some soldiers from Starship Troopers and an Alien in costume walking around there were several times when all three would hang out together and do the group photo thing with various passers by. This image and the next one are of this group.

Aliens, Soldiers, and babes

This and the following two images are more in this series. Hey, digital film is cheap so we took a lot of shots. The last of the shots actually came out the best since we turned off the flash and then just lightened the gamma on the image so things would show up a bit better.

Lamont claims that these shots do not do the Women of Vigilance any justice since they lack the proper angle to appreciate the depth of the matter. We think it came out fine.

more of the same more of the
lounge lizards Here you can see the lounge lizards in their native habitat.
Same lounge lizards, without so much haze. lounge lizards, in the clear
The official P.I.T.A. Look! It is the offical P.I.T.A. acting saucy!
Our fearless leader of technology begins to show the wear and stress of nigh on three days of constant wheeling and dealing throughout E3. Clay Swartz
where shall we put it? Sarah discusses with some coworkers where the HEAT tattoo should go now that we have officially passed one quarter of a million registered users.
The HEAT circle was always popular. It was especially dominated by games of SiN, Quake 2, and Unreal. Here is where most of our Foot Soldiers who won the trip to E3 were hanging out. The busy HEAT
more WoV Ah, the ever popular Women of Vigilance doing more posed shots.
Kim pays us a visit from the Psygnosis camp! BTW, that very bright pink light is actually from the GameStorm booth. It is a laser drawing squiggly shapes on to a rotating opaque globe. Rock on
	      look out of the booth And here is a look out of the booth towards the Vigilance stations and beyond. The HEAT ring is off to our right and you can just barely see the Skies stations.
Here is another look in to the SegaSoft booth on the VMO side of things. This was one of the quieter times as you can see. Even quiet, however, the VMO section still gathered a lot of actual participatory traffic. VMO can really be a communal activity as John Cahill pointed out. We really do like those nice plasma display monitors, though. The VMO side of things
magic man ted Here you can see Magic Man Ted leaping in to fix yet another printing problem in the VMO booth. If we do a VMO booth next year SegaSoft should really invest in a $4k color laser printer instead of these cheapie inkjet printers. So much time and effort was spent on making these things work. Ask Jeff and Ted what they think of them.
Believe it or not, the show is now over! Here is a shot in to the interior cloistered section of the SegaSoft booth. You can see the 1st line of defense desk and behind it the 2nd line of defense desk. The floor lights are now on turning the noisy dark pit of flashing extremes in to just a hot, well light pit full of people and cranes moving around at high speed. The show is over...
clean up begins And so cleanup begins. Everyone pitches in, even the master Reverend Drew can figure out how to take a bunch of speakers, repack them in their styrofoam forms and put them back in to their boxes. Kaylin to the left lugs around one fo the CPU boxes.
Sarah Anderson, Erik Wahlberg, and Jeff busily start tearing apart the VMO booth each with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. tearing apart VMO
many hands make light work Luckily for us, packing all this stuff back in to boxes was indeed a case of where many hands make light work. We would frequently clear and pack all the boxes that had been dropped off to us with long pauses waiting for the next shipment of boxes to arrive.
Even Greg Chiemengo can tape up a box. Just look at the determination on his face. Not sure what Sean Ryan behind and to his right is up to, though. Behind Greg you can see the remains of the HEAT circle beginning to be dismantled. Mean Tapeman Greg
Drew does the deed Drew the man zips in to action packing away speaker set after speaker set. Perhaps he is hoping to get one of the new souped up systems back at work? Need them for those rev events!
Dave Grey and Ted compare notes as to how these modern cables test. You can see the bottles of water in front of them that they are using to clear their pallates between sampling different sorts of power cables. Around them is the shambles of the HEAT ring and beyond them the wreckage of the Vigilance stations. Jeff walks away professing not to know these two loonies. cable tasting
Kaylin showing the signs of age Kaylin sits out for a short bit. Right after the show ended they turned off the A/C and temperatures rose quickly. Right now Kaylin is probably thinking "put that camera away before I smack you one."
Sarah shows how she can still do situps after all that hard packing, and that the tatoo really is not bothering her at all. Lamont pointed out that we missed getting a picture of the humongous roll of bubble wrap that is currently right behind where were standing when we took this picture. Truly a site to see. Sarah
more people out.. As the breakdown wears on more people begin to drop out from the heat, the humidity, and the simple lack of things to continue to pack.
And finally.. the last bits that we can do are done. Britt Morris and Kaylin sack out while watching the Art Guild go in to full swing tearing the booth down. Actually, though, there were three machines and two monitors for which we did not have boxes that Ted was still waiting on. One of the boxes was damaged due to water, and the other two were missing in action for a while. But, we believe that it all got pulled together in the end. Britt and Kaylin

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