Setup - Day 1 (1998.05.24)

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Ah! Sunday.. our first day actually on the site. With just over forty machines to set up in the Atlantean heat and humidity we were hoping that it would not be a repeat of last year. Luckily it was not. Pretty much all of the boxes were placed in the right locations and had more or less the right software on them. Our first day of set up went quite well over all.

Ted & Peto begin setting up the eight machines in the HEAT ring Here Ted and Peto begin setting up machines inside the main HEAT ring. The HEAT ring had 8 machines, all with Voodoo2 cards and some really nice Altec speaker systems. That you could hear these speakers during E3 itself should say something about how well they worked.

Our booth was designed and put together by Art Guild, again. They did quite an effective job. Here they were working on the lights above the 10six carels. These lights alternated between the HEAT logo, the HEAT text logo and the SegaSoft text logo and also illuminated parts of the HEAT rings center raised ring. In the background on the left you can see what is the beginning of Virgin Interactive's booth, and on the right is what will become GT's booth.

You can also see the "FT" of our huge SegaSoft logo in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Careful for falling lights, O Art Guild.
The second line desk and a snoozing Lamont In this picture you can see one of the main guys from Art Guild on the phone at the 2nd line of defense in the SegaSoft desk barricade. Behind that you can see Lamont. We believe he is taking another little nap if possible among all the noise. Either that or he is reading something. If you look closely you can see Jennifer's head peaking out behind the Art Guild person.
We mentioned above the very nice Altec/Lansing speakers we had for this event. Here you get to see Kaylin Tabb contemplating one such set of speakers that he will need to install in the HEAT circle. Kaylin installed some speakers
Peto does the keyboard.. Peto was working on the grossology and marbles machines. Here you can see him unpacking the accessories for what will become the grossology machine.
Here is another shot of the 'backstage' meeting romo area for SegaSoft. We had an appointments desk with some couches behind it (check out the SegaSoft video footage from E3 for pictures of Gary Griffiths lounging on said couches with the Women of Vigilance.) Beyond the couches were a row of meeting rooms, and above each set of meeting rooms were suspended a set of four Vigilance banners. Another view of the SegaSoft meeting area
Must .. test... machine.. After setting up some machines, we of course had to make sure they worked. We really mean worked too.. you had to go to the HEAT web site, log in, pick some random game like.. oh.. say Quake 2, for instance, and make sure it could sustain a couple of hours of game play. Here you see Kaylinn making sure that this machine in the HEAT circle does indeed work on the HEAT network.
Ah, that feeling of success. Here you can see half of the HEAT circle with machines up and running. Nothing really interesting, though. They are just sitting idle at he Win95 desktop or they have Netscape running pointing at the home page. The one on the right, however, appears to be logged in to someone's HEAT account. Half of a HEAT circle
The Great Hall

The Georgia World Congress Center actually has several exhibit floors and a rather large hall way of several levels that leads to the floors. Here you can see from the top of the escalator at the top of the grand hall as we return from lunch. Intel advertises rather heavily at E3, if you did not notice.

You can see Ted, Lamont and Peto at the bottom of escalators, heading towards the second level.

Going down the final set of escalators Jeff discusses the finer points of something or other with Kaylin. Jeff & Kaylin
Peto, Lamont, and Ted - again On the 2nd level of the great hall we get more in to the column advertisements for various games. One game that had a lot of column time was "Space Bunnies Must Die." Lamont and Ted are probably discussing this very game.
The second floor of the great hall is actually still one level above the actual main exhibit hall. There were a couple of picture windows that afforded a view of most of the floor from a goodly height. Here are three shots giving you a feel for how large the main exhibit floor was. Panorama hall view - 1
Panorama hall view - 2 Panorama hall view - 3

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