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ABSOLUTE JUSTICE (zettai seigi / term)
The motto of the Marine Headquaters, as illustrated by the fact that the higher-ups in the organization wear "JUSTICE (seigi)" on their backs.

AKUMA NO MI (key item)

ALL BLUE (o-ru bulu- / location)
The sea of legend, where aquatic creatures from all four seas live.

ANCHOR (brand)
The brand(?) on Luffy's shirt as a 7-year-old.

ALVIDA PIRATE FLEET (arubida kaizokudann / group)
Alvida's fleet. Their flag is a skull looking left and crossbones, with a heart painted onto the side of the skull's head. Coby accidentally entered a ship of this fleet two years ago, and had been forced to work as a crew and navigator until Luffy's arrival.

ARLONG PARK (a-ronn pa-ku / location)
Located in the north-western section of East Blue close to Logue Town, slightly to the west of Cocoyashi, it is the home of those that serve under Arlong.

ARLONG PIRATE FLEET (a-ronn kaizokudann / group)
The group of mermen and one select human that serve for the half-shark Arlong. Their flag is a modified side-view of a shark's face and crossbones, and each member has a tattoo in the shape of the shark's face as seen on the flag. The fact that mermen tend to have 10 times the physical strength of normal humans shows in their method of destruction and dominance.

BARA-BARA NO MI (devil fruit)

BARATIE (barathie / ship)
The restaurant-ship owned and operated by Zeff. Currently located on the East Blue, southwest of Syrup Village and south of Arlong Park. Known to have a very boisterous set of fighters as their cooks and waiters. The restaurant ship features retractable "fins" that create an extra-large deck when opened.

BELLY (beli- / unit)
The monetary unit in the One Piece world. The symbol is a capital B with an integral sign (i.e. something that looks like an S) through it. Plural form is "Bellies", but once ina while spelled "Berry/Berries" depending on the creator's mood. ^^;;

BITS-BITS CANNON (barabara hou / attack)
A human cannonball of sorts, where Buggy puts knives between his fingers and rocket-launches his arm.

BITS-BITS EMERGENCY ESCAPE (barabara kinkyuu dasshutsu / defense)
Buggy's trick where he dislocates one or more body parts to avoid an enemy attack (a sword, a fist, etc).

BITS-BITS FESTIVAL (barabara festhibaru / attack)
Buggy's ultimate trick where he virtually explodes into a million flying pieces to attack his targets.

BITS-BITS FRUIT (barabara no mi / devil fruit)
The second devil fruit to make its appearance in the series. The eater of this particular nut is able to chop up his body in any place at any time, and is further able to remote-control every body part.

BITS-BITS RICE CRACKER (barabara sennbei / attack)
One of Buggy's tricks where he kicks one of his legs after pulling out the hidden blade in his shoe, such that it spins madly and resembles a rice cracker.

BLACK CAT PIRATE FLEET (kuroneko kaizokudann / group)
The fleet led by none other than Captain Kuro. Their flag is of a gray cat-skull and crossbones. While Captain Kuro was posing as Clahador, Jango was the captain of the ship.

BOKENASU (slang)

BUGGY BALL (bagi- dama / weapon)
The cannonballs that Buggy uses, complete with his symbol painted onto it.

BUGGY PIRATE FLEET (bagi- kaizokudann / group)
Buggy's fleet. Their flag is a skull and crossbones, but the skull has a clown's eyes and nose.

CAT'S PAW (neko no te / weapon)
Kuro's weapon. It is a glove with five blades acting as five claws. (just think Edward Scissorhands...)

(CAT-KILL) CAT THE STOMPED ((byou satsu) kyatto za funjatta / attack)
An attack of the Nyaban Brothers where Buchi does a drop-kick. Siam, if around, may hold the target still to ensure Buchi's proper landing.
"Byousatsu" is most likely a pun between "cat" (for which the kanji can be read "byou") and the normal spelling of "byousatsu" (death in one second). "I Stomped the Cat" (neko funjatta) is a simple melody that most people of Japanese descent know, and I was actually silly enough to make a midi of it as reference.



COBYMEPPO (kobimeppo / nickname)
An abbreviation for "Coby and Helmeppo", first used in the splash-page serial about what happened to them after episode seven.

COCOYASHI (kokoyashi / location)
A small town in the East Blue, located due west of Gosa. Nami's hometown for which she has been saving her 100 million bellies—to buy the freedom of the townsfolk from Arlong. The residents lived each day fearing Arlong and company, as they had to pay an absurd tax each month. During this time, they seemed to outcast Nami, but they all knew her true intent—their "outcast" was simply an act so that Nami's plan might come through. Now, they live in peace. ^_^
Incidentally, a "yashi" tree is a "palm" tree, and coconuts come from palm trees, so that's probably where the name came from.

COOK PIRATE FLEET (kukku kaizokudann / group)
The pirate fleet that was led by Zeff. Their flag was a penguin's head (with a chef's hat), and a fork and knife instead of crossbones. They survived sailing the Grand Line for a year, but got decimated when a storm suddenly struck when they were looting the Orbit. All the ships sunk in the storm, and Zeff was left with Sanji on a deserted rock for 85 days with only 5 days' worth of food and a bag of loot. (keep in mind that I have not lied in anything in here or in the char profiles.) The fleet was never rebuilt, as Zeff decided to open the restaurant-ship Baratie instead of rebuilding his fleet.

COOL SUMMER'S FIREWORKS (nouryou uchiage hanabi / attack)
Kabaji's acrobatic trick that follows Let's Climb a Mountain where he jumps high into the sky from a rooftop using the "spring" from the unicycle tire.

CUTOFF (kirihanashi / attack)
A secondary attack following Pieces-Pieces Cannon when the arm is caught: the hand dislocates at the wrist to continue its propulsion towards the target.


DAISENSOU (weapon)

DEADLY GUNPOWDER STAR (hissatsu kayakuboshi / attack)
One of Usopp's slingshot attacks. The ammunition is a small ball filled with gunpowder, and it explodes upon impact with the target.

DEADLY LEAD STAR (hissatsu namariboshi / attack)
One of Usopp's slingshot attacks. The ammunition in this one is a typical lead ball bearing. ^^

DEADLY TABASCO STAR (hissatsu tabasukoboshi / attack)
One of Usopp's slingshot attacks. The ammunition is a ball filled with Tabasco -- so watch out if it hits your eyes! (ow! @_@;;)

DEATH SCOOP (shakushi / attack)
Kuro's ultimate attack, where he attacks anything and everything in sight with Foot Sneak—the point is that he is moving so quickly he doesn't know what he is attacking, and therefore ends up attacking everyone, enemy or ally.

DEFENDER OF THE WOODS (mori no bannninn / title)
What Gaimon calls his job on the island full of weird creatures, since he had been protecting the weird animals from other pirates and poachers more so than protecting the five (empty) treasure chests at the top of the cliff.

DEMON SLASH (oni giri / attack)
One of Zoro's attacks, where he crosses his arms, then runs through the target as he slashes twice with the swords in his hands (as the arms uncross) and once with the sword in his mouth.
This attack name (onigiri) is homophonic with the one of two jpns terms for rice balls (the other being "omusubi").

DEVIL FRUIT (akuma no mi / key item)
The 108 cursed fruit treasures of the world. Each Fruit will provide the eater with one supernatural power characteristic of the Fruit's name, but also makes the person a complete rock in terms of swimming. Therefore, even if he was a wonderful swimmer before eating the Fruit, those that possess the powers of the Devil Fruits cannot swim if their lives depended on it, as something in the seawater nullifies all powers and renders the eater completely helpless. The cost of each Fruit is estimated at 100 million bellies.

DON!! (sound effect)
A sound effect that is used most often in this series. Usually, this sound effect is used when someone is being shoved from the back, cannons are being fired, or doors are being pounded upon, but in One Piece, it is used more as a fanfare to something the author wants to point out or emphasize.

DRINKER PUB (building)
The name of the pub that Buggy has his on-land hangout. He was drinking here when he heard that Nami stole his map (supposedly of the Grand Line).

DUMB EGGPLANT (bokenasu / slang)
Zeff's favorite name to call his staff on the Baratie (other than Sanji).

EAST BLUE (i-suto bulu- / location)
One of the four seas of the world. The story takes place on land on the shores of the East Blue until they enter the Grand Line. If you take the Grand Line as the Equator, and the Red Line as the Prime Meridian, East Blue is the northern half of the Eastern Hemisphere. East Blue is said to be the home of the "weakest" individuals in any of the four seas.

ETERNAL POSE (eta-naru po-su / key item)
A special version of the Log Pose that always points to a location to one particular place on the Grand Line. Like the name "eternal" points out, it never needs to be recharged (although it can only point to one place).

EXPEDITION ERA (daikoukai jidai / timeframe)
The terminology that points to the time of this story. When Gold Roger was executed in Logue Town, he proclaimed that whoever finds the treasure that stood for everything he owned (One Piece) may have it all. This caused all the pirates and adventurers to go to the seas and seek the fame, fortune, and glory of the Pirate King. The story of One Piece takes place somewhere in the third decade of this era.

EXPLOSIVE STARS (sakuretsu shuriken / weapon)
One of Krieg's projectile weapons. It looks like a normal missile, but explodes near the target to release a bunch of shuriken (ninja stars) in an area around and on the target.

FIRE PEARLS (faiya- pa-ru / weapon)
What Pearl uses to light himself on fire when he senses danger. Just like the name implies, these are little pellets that look like glass beads, and they're burning.

FIRE PEARL FREE SPECIAL GIFT (faiya- pa-ru daitokuten / attack)
Pearl's attack that happens only when he is on fire: he tosses little Fire Pearls at the target.

FIRE PEARL PRESENT (faiya- pa-ru purezento / attack)
What happens to a Pearl Present when Pearl is on fire.

FOOD FOO (building)
The restaurant that Luffy and Coby stop by when Luffy was looking to add Zoro to his crew.

FOOT SNEAK (nukiashi / attack)
One of Captain Kuro's attacks, where he sneaks up quickly and quietly behind his enemy. It is said that a group of 50 professional hitmen are no match for this attack. Don't ask where the other two parts of the Japanese three-part term for "noiseless footsteps" (sashi-ashi and shinobi-ashi) are, though. ^^:

FRUITS MACEDONIA (furu-tsu machedonia / food/drink)
The dessert that Sanji serves Nami aboard the Baratie.
In our world, it is a small serving of macerated (that is, steeped in some liquid to enhance flavor) fruit, most often served in Italian restaurants. (Some Italian restaurants serve a "pizza macedonia", where macerated fruit lies atop a plain pizza crust and is baked with cream [or mascarpone] cheese.)

FUSHA (fu-sha / location)
The small village on the shore of East Blue where Luffy spent his childhood, and Shanks' main base for approximately one year (during which Luffy was 6-7 years old). Since "fusha" means "windmill" in Japanese, you coul say that this town is "Windmill Village". ^_^

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