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Cal-Animage is a loose confederation of clubs. We all share the common goals of promoting anime in the U.S. and have the "official" goal of promoting cultural understanding through the international medium of Japanese animation. Cal-Animage is now the largest network of anime clubs in the world. Cal-Animage thrives on the diversity of its clubs and each works through its own unique position to spread anime and its diverse messages throughout the world.

Cal-Animage Chapters

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  • Cal-Animage Alpha (Berkeley)
  • Cal-Animage Beta (San Diego)
  • Cal-Animage Gamma (Santa Barbara)
  • Cal-Animage Delta (San Francisco) (Inactive)
  • Cal-Animage Epsilon (U.C. Irvine)
  • Cal-Animage Zeta (Perth, Australia)
  • Cal-Animage Eta (UCLA)
  • Cal-Animage Theta (Stanford)
  • Cal-Animage Iota (Cal Poly SLO) (Inactive)
  • Cal-Animage Kappa (U.C. Santa Cruz) (Inactive)
  • Cal-Animage Lambda (North Dakota State University) (Inactive)
  • Cal-Animage Mu (USC)
  • Cal-Animage Nu (Western Washington University)
  • Cal-Animage Xi (Chabot College)
  • Cal-Animage Omicron (Evergreen State College, Olympia WA)

    Cal-Animage Projects


  • The Anime Reference Guide (Alpha) 1990-1992
  • Sukebe (Epsilon)
  • Ä-Ni-Mè: The Berkeley Journal of Japanese Animation (Alpha) 1989-1992
  • The Ikkoku-kan Times (Mu)
  • The Colony Post (Epsilon)


  • AnimeCon '91
  • Anime Expo '92

    FTP Sites and Archives:

  • /pub/art/anime (Zeta)
  • (Zeta)
  • (Alpha)

    Cal-Animage History

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