Fan Fun at FanimeCon 2002

poses still

A costumer poses still...

artist sketches

...while an artist sketches him.

violin prop

Not all cosplay props had to be weapons.

squid prop

So what's cosplay without a prop?

cute prop

It's the prop that makes you and your costume so cute.

karaoke staff

Karaoke staffers prepare their equipment for the long event.


A gruff staffer acts as bouncer so Karaoke would not exceed fire code capacity.

Karaoke judges

The Karaoke Contest panel of judges.

Karaoke audience

The audience-contenstants fill the Karaoke Room to fire code capacity.


The hotel lobby at night. Quite lively.

elite staffer

Some staffers at FanimeCon were very elite...

All Access

..."All Access" elite.

Dealer's room line

The line for the Dealer's Room was long and permanent...

Line outside

...and it extended outside.

Fntc and sister

A brother and sister attending FanimeCon for family fun.

Choke him! perhaps more than one way.


Setting up for a convention-sponsored party.


What is an anime convention without the long wait in the elevator lobby?

staff fun

Staffer and attendee find their own moment to goof off.

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Last modified: April 30, 2002.