The People at CNAnime

A show doesn't happen by itself. It's the people there who make it happen.

Akitaka Signing

If you look at the the attendees lining up behind, you can tell that most people who came for Mika Akitaka's autograph weren't girls. This wouldn't exactly be a random sampling of the attendees.

Media Signings

Media guests had their own booths for signings. In the foremost booth wearing a cap is Ethan Phillips (Neelix in Star Trek Voyager). There's that obligatory Trek fan in uniform striking up a conversation with him.

CPM Booth

Yumi Tôma appeared by sponsorship from CPM. She signed here at the CPM booth.

Toma's Fans

Attendees got their autographs from Yumi Tôma.

Wrapping Line

The line for her autograph wrapped around the booth and some more.

Punk Silver

Not only is Silver (right) a punk, but he needs to act it out all the time. Mika Akitaka (left) had to lend him his cigarette as a prop for this photo in the non-smoking convention center hallway.

Staff & Guests

CNAnime staff type people pose with Scott McNeil and Yumi Tôma.

Scott & Fans

Fans gather for a photo with Scott McNeil. Here's one popular guy.

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Last modified: August 30, 2001.