CNAnime in Toronto, Canada, Aug 24 - 26, 2001

CNAnime took place from August 24 to August 26, 2001, in Toronto, Canada.


It was part of a convention in the style of Wondercon and San Diego Comic Con (main feature the exhibit hall, panels on the side) and shared the site with comic book and media sci-fi exhibitors and guests.


It's also called Canadian National Anime Expo.

CN Expo

The show as a whole was the Cdn National Expo. What was Winfit, though? Imagine a fitness competition with Microsoft Windows.


One of the two Japanese anime guests was mecha designer Mika Akitaka. He signed...

Akitaka panel

And he spoke at his panel.

Toma panel

The other Japanese anime guest was voice actor Yumi Tôma. Her roles include Deedlit in the Lodoss Island anime, Yui in Fushigi Yûgi, and Urd in Ah My Goddess. She spoke...

Toma signing

And she signed...

McNeil signs

And Scott McNeil signed. Voice of Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing, first Dragonball Z Piccolo before FUNimation, Wolverine in X-Men Evolution, Captain Harlock in Galaxy Express 999, Principal Kuno in Ranma 1/2.

Camera Noticed

Then he noticed the camera.

Duo & Scott

Scott McNeil posed for a photo op with a real-life version of one of the characters he plays, Duo Maxwell. So he's not Duo, but he plays one on TV.

DBZ Actors

Dragonball Z voice actors from FUNimation signed. It's Chris Sabat (voice of Vegeta and Piccolo among others) on the left, Eric Johnson (voice of Trunks) on the right.

DBZ Panel

And they spoke at their panel.


As a combined comics/media/anime con, there were media guests that included William Shatner (Captain Kirk in Star Trek). Oops, this isn't William Shatner but Aman Gupta, show coordinator of the Canadian National Expo.

Shatner vs Akitaka

The real William Shatner went head-to-head with Mika Akitaka.

Shatner & Akitaka

The two then posed for a photo op in a more friendly fashion.

Shatner Panel

An attendee who couldn't make it into William Shatner's panel listened in through the doors.

Police for Shatner

Elsewhere, Toronto police provided protection for Mr. Shatner, while the RCMP were enforcing the law on pirate anime dealers in the exhibit floor. Hmm, looks like Officer B was shopping at the convention.

James Doohan

The occasional smiles James Doohan (Mr. Scott in Star Trek) showed to attendees were genuine. Perhaps the convention circuit is something he continues to enjoy.

CNAnime Volunteer

A faithful CNAnime volunteer performs her line control duty at Mika Akitaka's autograph session. Notice the expression of confidence and calm on her face, while attendees waiting to get their autographs look a little more tense.

Rinoa's Feast

A rare image of Rinoa feasting on junk food. The rarity of such occasion was testament to how she is so skinny. The others were so amused at the occasion, and their wait for the Sailor Moon voice actors' signing passed quickly.

Anime Cosplayers

Anime cosplayers were quick to notice the camera and pose, as a casual shot intended to show the crowded backstage of Masquerade became an instant photo session.

Cosplay Mugshots

Before being herded into the backstage hallway, Masquerade contestants all got their photos taken by the convention. Some people probably stood at the photo point with their own cameras to avoid the long Masquerade hours and see the costumers up close.

Toronto NIght

The docks offered a beautiful waterfront view of Toronto at night.

Toronto & Toma

It looked best with a lady like Yumi Tôma.

Punk Silver

It even made the punk Silver (CNAnime coordinator) look decent.

Chris & Scott

And Chris Sabat (left) and Scott McNeil (right) looked great, of course.

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