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Anime Expo 96 Poster Thanks

Usagichan Company wishes to thank:

Stanley "OniTotoro" Lew, Evan Chung, and Victor Lee for their digital imaging expertise and equipment, "Scanner" for his godly anime and manga archives, Jim "Hyou" Elliott for his manga and humorous mecha suggestions, Ken "Arion" Tsai for his NewType and AnimeV collection, Mike "Shogun/ DrkAngel" Tatsugawa for Expo reminders, Albert "Feddie" Wong and Aaron "J0ker" Pon for their online references and anime collections, the entire Clan of Meat! and Fire! for their pokes and jokes, the entire Anime Expo staff and crew for their support, the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) #anime! channel for their dumb jokes and online references, Lionel "Kyousuke" Lum for his illustration expertise and archival retrieval, and especially Unagi-chan for her questionable tactics to get this poster done in less than four months.

Additional thanks go to all the Japanese artists and companies who helped formed the basis for a genre that would forever change the way we see the world and impact Lionel to actually do this insane poster, the anime fans of the world who helped inspire and encourage such a unique masterpiece to be drawn, and most of all: cute girls and root beer.

More thanks go to the fans of the Poster who have sent in their rave reviews and well-wishings. It is because of these fans that this Poster is fast becoming an anime merchandise must-have!

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