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Anime Expo 96 Poster Order Status Spreadsheet

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All information is kept strictly confidential and I do not solicit any stupid ads or crap like that.  This is only for tracking purposes for those who have ordered the cool AX96 poster.

Good news: Shipping has resumed!   BAD NEWS: It's going along very slowly but it is going.... slowly.  PLEASE be patient as the number of tubes to ship and keep track of everything by 100s of non-poster emails I get everyday are the gating factors.  I will not honor any more requests.  I have too much email and I cannot check every single one of them.

I shall update the spreadsheet when I can...  I have NO TIME.  Again, sorry for the terribly long wait.  :(

For those who've I've shipped posters out to, please email back when you receive them.  Thanks for your patience everyone!  No, I don't get paid a cent for this... ;_;  But it's nice to know you all like the poster!  :)

Name Location Quantity Status
Aaron Oklahoma 5 Shipped
Jason Massachusetts 3 Shipped
PJ Pennsylvania 3 Shipped
Bob Michigan 4 Shipped
Alan Arizona 3 Shipped
Ed California 2 Shipped
Sinon Georgia 1 Shipment received and reserving 2 more
Daniel California 2 Shipped
Thanh Maryland 2 Shipment received
Forrest Minnesota 1 Shipment received
Jonathan Alabama 1 Shipment received
Rob New Jersey 2 Shipped
Junho New York 3 Shipment received
Jason Virginia 2 Shipped
David Oregon 2 Shipment received
Russell Colorado 2 Shipment received
Andrew Massachusetts 5 Shipped
Ben Rhode Island 4 Shipment received
Mandy Florida 1 Shipped
Peter California 1 Shipment received
Bryan South Carolina 1 Shipped
John California 1 Shipped
Bryan Tennessee 3 Shipped
James Wisconsin 1 Shipped
Joshua Rhode Island 1 Shipped
Nathan North Dakota 5 Shipped
Shawn Massachusetts 2 Shipped
Jimmy Illinois 2 Shipped
Chris Illinois 4 Shipped
Cavan California 2 Shipment received
Adam Florida 1 Shipment received
Greg Maryland 2 Shipment received
Mike Michigan 1 Shipped
Andi Illinois 2 Shipped
Gerald Florida 1 Shipped
Tad Arizona 5 Shipment received
Daniel New York 4 Shipped
Alan Indiana 2 Shipment received
Robert Michigan 1 Shipped
Eric Washington 1 Shipment received
Brad Washington 15 Shipment received
Simon UK 2 Shipping address/payment received and shipping
Christian Germany 15 Shipment received
Ted New York 3 Shipped
Marsha Tennessee 2 Shipped
David Ohio 2 Shipped
Veronica Louisiana 1 Shipment received
Naikel Florida 2 Shipment received
Andrew Ohio 5 Shipment received
Michael Australia 50 Shipment received

Below is the "reserved" list where I've received your mail (snail or email) and reserved poster(s) for next shipping run from post office.  Remember!  The wait is dependent on the number of shipping tubes that are in stock, how much snail mail and email I have to go through, every night full of LLNN report work, and of course, the time it takes to pack and ship the posters...  =@_@=  Yes, I am insane.. hehe  Oh yeah, the posters are still available.  :)

Name Location Quantity/Status  
Jody Ohio 2 reserved  
Feng Texas 2 reserved  
Dustin Massachusetts 3 reserved  
Stephen Arizona 2 reserved  
Paul Nevada 1 reserved  
Brad Michigan 2 reserved  
David Florida 1 reserved  
Michael West Virginia 2 reserved  
Albert Alabama 1 reserved  
Randy Illinois 2 reserved  
Mike California 5 reserved  
MrtnzLnrd New Mexico 2 reserved  
Alex Texas 2 reserved  
Mike Washington 2 reserved  
Wai Massachusetts 2 reserved  
Lillian California 5 reserved  
Jennifer California 5 reserved  
Courtney Oregon 3 reserved  
Meredith Florida 1 reserved  
Elizabeth California 5 reserved  
Pyromancier Switzerland Lionel to check on shipping charge  
Joseph Australia Cost is $16.25 for 5 posters by US airmail  
Nolan Canada Cost is $8 US airmail  
Legendary Snail   Yes, they are still available!  

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