This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle taking our hero Jim hostage in order to hijack his truck to go to the world-renowned Winchester Mystery House. Oh no! What will happen to Jim?!

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Ryoohki takes friend Jim hostage as demands are set for a trip to Winchester Mystery House!

Ryoohki outside the front of the Winchester Mystery House.

Ryoohki outside the front of Winchester Mystery House again.

Detail of Ryoohki caught with "Ghost of Jim", one of the many ghosts encountered inside and outside the haunted House.

Ryoohki in the Winchester barn, peering inside a winnowing machine, designed to munch raw grain for bread.

Ryoohki and another ghost caught on film inside the stables.

Ryoohki admires the classic Winchester Rifles, a few of many that supplied money to Sarah Winchester's bank account to pay for the House's nonstop 24-hour construction.

Ryoohki poses with Sarah Winchester's bedroom which also turned out to be her death bed.

Ryoohki basks in the sun with a fine but eery view of the outside Winchester gardens.

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