This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle traveling to the Technology Museum in downtown San Jose. In here, the visitor can interact with a multitude of rambling robots and learn about Silicon Valley makes it money.

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Ryoohki peers over the ledge of a popular SGI Workstation.

Ryoohki deftly manipulates a robot arm to spell out "Miya Miya".

Ryoohki and... aerogel. Aerogel is the future of avionic materials. The sample shown here weighs less than a milligram, yet has the tensile strength of steel.

Ryoohki programs a robot to spell out "ryoohki miya miya".

Ryoohki goofs around on FMC mock-up of 1998 Mars Expedition Explorer Vehicle.

Ryoohki whips around on a runaway three-wheeler robot drone!

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