This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle doing what it does best between planning more ultimate vacations for our viewers. Enjoy and stay tuned!

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Ryoohki plays along with fellow four-legged creature, a horse.

Ryoohki fools around inside a smallsized version of an engineering wind tunnel at the astrophysics lab.

Ryoohki gets caught in a xerox machine, complete with xerox.

Ryoohki gets caught in a mailbox.

Ryoohki just outside the San Jose Yaohan, the local source for Japanese goods and paraphernalia.

Ryoohki peers into a waterfall while touring the downtown business district.

Ryoohki poses with friend Jim's Hong Kong movie tape collection.

Ryoohki tackles office cat.

Ryoohki basking in the glory of a particularily sunny day at San Jose State University. A sharp eye can catch the cute legs of cute girl in the background... woo woo!

Ryoohki messing with the insides of an old Sparc 4 router.

Ryoohki gets tangled up in oscilloscope probe wires inside the chip design labs.

Ryoohki messing arund in woodshop and getting locked up in woodvice.

Ryoohki takes even the scraggliest of leftover carrots as prisoners for dinner!

Ryoohki messes around in woodshop again... this time getting caught in evil grip of circular saw!

Ryoohki pokes through the grill of gas stove burner.

Ryoohki and author's first bunny "Rocky".

Ryoohki atop a large modern router supplying data to surrounding desktop lab machines.

Ryoohki and...BEAR.

Ryoohki enjoying the disco experience.

Ryoohki embarks on 8-hour timelapse journey with the author.

External view of Ryoohki embarking on timelapse journey with author.

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