This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle playing tourist in 1997's Las Vegas retreat. Many casinos and hotels to choose from, as well as many prime rib steaks for the author to devour.

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Ryoohki is ready to win!

Ryoohki keeps the Megabucks dream alive!

Ryoohki peers into aquarium table.

Ryoohki outside the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino's front steps. Great place for inexpensive rooms and large casino area!

Ryoohki outside the Monte Carlo's massive announcement structure.

View of Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

Ryoohki just outside Treasure Island. Lots of stuff to see!

Ryoohki outside Treasure Island again.

Ryoohki poses with Treasure Island's root beer.

Ryoohki relaxes with Las Vegas-style prime rib steak and root beer at Treasure Island (note: all the prime ribs are huge and inexpensive at every casino/hotel, so everyone can enjoy fresh cooked beef anywhere they want!). Also shown is the huge Treasure Island glass skull mug that weighs a ton.

Ryoohki outside the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Great place for Excalibur's Knights of the Round Table Dinner!

Ryoohki outside the glorious MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. A sight to see at night! Great place for MGM movie collectibles.

Ryoohki outside the New York New York Hotel and Casino. The huge block-sized structure contains its own roller-coaster, 1/8 scale replica of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building, and reveals inside a large self-contained city of shops, restaurants, and mazes of casinos all in a nighttime New York theme. Along with all Las Vegas Casinos, this is definitely a must-see experience!

Ryoohki poses with New York New York's own customized limosines.

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