This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle getting friendly with the downtown district at San Jose's Children's Discovery Museum. Featured here is Ryoohki experiencing adult-sized recreations of real-life stuff just as any curious kids would.

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Ryoohki valiantly attempts to break into the vault and get some money! Money!

Ryoohki clambers up huge modern underground aquaduct. The white reservoir measures how many gallons of water run through it every minute.

Ryoohki goofs around on the full-size modern fire engine.

Ryoohki takes a spin on centrifugal force demonstration.

Ryoohki messes around in the museum's day care center much to the admiring eyes of surrounding preschoolers.

Ryoohki steers into camera view in this restored vintage classic automobile.

Ryoohki plays telephone dispatcher and gets tangled up in an ancient wired techonology.

Ryoohki learns human sign language! Yep, the signs displayed spell out to "R-Y-O-O-H-K-I"

Ryoohki flies around on a duodecahedron bubble meant for astrotanks that would hold gallons of space fuel or other things.

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