This segment of Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation shows our favorite fuzzle bounding about the towering cliffs of Asilimar Bay's shoreline rocks as the author wonders if some of these shots are really worth getting soaked over. Asilimar is located off the coast of Monterey Bay region and is often a favorite tourist trap for its sunny coastline and seafood restaurants.

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A distant view of the massive shore rock Ryoohki was about climb on.

Ryoohki begins the periless climb up the treacherous rock cliff.

Ryoohki atop the rock face, about to be thrashed by a huge wave of trouble.

Ryoohki atop the rock... yes, the wave is getting bigger.

Ryoohki, just before the massive wave hits the rock face... nearly taking Ryoohki and the photographer with it. You had to have been there to really feel the impact.

Ryoohki taking a break from wet stuff and mingling with the locals.

Ryoohki with more of the beach locale.

Ryoohki with more of the beach locale.

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