*** ranma_1 (I_AM_RANMA@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com) has joined #anime!

<ranma_1> YO EVERYONE!!!
<OniTotoro> =:O
<Desslok_> heh
*** ranma_1 was kicked by Gubaba (*Squeeeeeeeeeek!* *BOOM*)
<Asrial> it's ranma #1!
*** Gubaba sets mode: +b *!*@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com
* OniTotoro *snickers*
<Desslok_> Ranma8's brother?
<OniTotoro> ^o^
<Asrial> gub: aww we didn't even get to taunt him any!
<Gubaba> aol.. Ranma... bye bye
<Surat> Gubaba: Come now! That's no fun!
<OniTotoro> Gubaba: ^^
<Surat> We didn't even get to break his spirit any or extract a "FEDD IS MOST MATURE"!
<Gubaba> *ranma_1* Thats not your channel ya jerk! NYAAA!!!
<Rchan> yeah
<Rchan> let the ranma talk!
<Desslok_> Gubaba: heheh
<Surat> Rchan: Yeah!
<Rchan> Surat: yeah!
<Asrial> yeah! let the foolish kid have his say!
<OniTotoro> Yet another highly enthusiastic anime fan gets crushed by the jaded, yet amusing, #anime! denizens... ;)
<Gubaba> I don't see anyone unbanning him :)
<TwoTails> Stan - ;)
*** Rchan sets mode: -b *!*@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com
<Trav^> OT: :-)
<Rchan> gub: come on!!!
<Desslok_> invite him back on! :P
* TwoTails arms the next kickban. ;)
<Asrial> yeah!
<Rchan> man
<TwoTails> Ranma + AOL = Trouble ;)
<OniTotoro> Gubaba: That's because we respect you! You're so MATURE!
<Drawboy> hmm..shu ain't here..i'll play the gay guy ;)
<WundedSt> :(
* OniTotoro *snickers*
<Rchan> drawboy!
<kkentium> "play" the gay guy...?
* Surat tosses TT into #anime to see how he fares! :)
<Gubaba> Oni: Maturity has nothin to do with it... Guy broke too many rules of decency within 5 seconds of joining the channel.
<Drawboy> kken: man irl i am straight man..straight virgin even =)
<Rchan> gub: hahahaha
<OniTotoro> Gubaba: ^^
<Drawboy> rabi!
<Asrial> gub is just a fuddy-duddy!
* Desslok_ boots Surat
<TwoTails> ok, Ranma + AOL + ALL CAPS = Trouble. ;)
<Rchan> man. it's a wrong guy!
<Rchan> wrong guy!
*** Surat was kicked by OniTotoro (Thought I had you on ignore, huh? ;))
*** Surat (suratg@surf4152.jacksonville.net) has joined #anime!
* OniTotoro *snickers*
<Rchan> hahahah
<ferrio> ranma+all caps+aol= a source of amusement for the rest of us
<Rchan> so.... /me goes back to do stuff.
<Conty> Aww... he's gone! -_-
<Surat> Conty: Invite!
<Rchan> ranma_1 on #Baka_Bunch #manga
<Conty> baka_bunch?
<Asrial> oh man!
<OniTotoro> Oh man... "Baka_Bunch"
<Asrial> surat: you invite him then :)
<Rchan> kken: hey you, fellow AOLers, invite that ranma_1 back!!
<TwoTails> not quite the Brady Bunch...
<WundedSt> eew..like Marky Mark and the funky bunch!
<OniTotoro> Might as well be "Butt_Munch"
<kkentium> man i didn't even get to see his login name he got booted so fast!
<Asrial> ranma_1 is I_AM_RANMA@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com * Ranma Saotome
<Asrial> ranma_1 on #Baka_Bunch #manga
<Asrial> ranma_1 using irc1.lagged.org [] The Black Hole for Pings!
<Asrial> ranma_1 End of /WHOIS list.
<Rchan> kken: it's ranma_1
<OniTotoro> kken: Gubaba nad that hair trigger of his!
<OniTotoro> nad = and
* Surat ponders doing the invite...
* TwoTails arms the kickban...
<Conty> I_AM_RANMA@<etc etc> Oh man, he could have been a contendah!
<kkentium> well... he has no profile on aol
<Rchan> TT: man!!!!
*** OniTotoro changes topic to 'Be weery weery quiet... There be ranmas about...'
<Gubaba> Oni: mental protect script. :) I wasn't even in this window when my eye caught it.
<Rchan> TT: five minutes! give us 5 minutes!
<K1> seems like I missed something...ranma_1?
<Surat> That's it, it's going out!
<TwoTails> 5 minutes? OK!
* Surat tosses out the invite!
<Rchan> TT: woohoo
<Rchan> guys we have 5 minutes
<TwoTails> after all... we're all bored, we need some... entertainment! ^^
<K1> 5 min to do what?
<Desslok_> surely he's not that dumb to come back ;)
<Rchan> TT: yeah!
<kageneko> 5 min for what?
<Conty> TT: Keith... we know you're a humorless person, but would you please lay it off for just one night? ^_^;
<WundedSt> maybe he's lonely...he'll come back...
<Rchan> dess: you never know!!
* kkentium is watching the phillies romp on the braves.. he is not bored... for once
<Desslok_> Rchan: true true
<TwoTails> Conty - man, I'm just kidding around!
<Surat> Hmm, he isn't taking the bait...
<Rchan> um.......
<K1> 5 min to do what?
<WundedSt> say there's lotsa babes in this channel ..maybe that'll work
<Surat> Heh...
<Drawboy> hmm...
<Surat> <ranma_1> Uhmm Ill just get banned again? Wont I?
<WundedSt> and send him some cosplay photos of cute gals
<K1> 5 min to do what?
<WundedSt> hahaha
<Drawboy> i have an idea
<kageneko> hehheeh
<Surat> <Surat> I don't see why...
<Drawboy> surat: go for it
<OniTotoro> Akane should do the invite... ;)
<TwoTails> Conty - besides, after that Ranma8, I think some people are willing to terminate ranma + aol with extreme prejudice. ;)
<Rchan> gooooo
<K1> 5 min to do what?
*** Drawboy is now known as RyogaBoy
<Rchan> mwauajahahajaajhaaha
<kageneko> TT: give them 5 minutes of fun!!!
<WundedSt> because our channel is full of young nubile female anime fans that need to be "taught"
<Conty> Hey, for all we know maybe he *isn't* a moron...
<Surat> Draw: I already did...
<TwoTails> Eddie - Rabi asked for 5 minutes before I kick and ban.
*** ranma_1 (I_AM_RANMA@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com) has joined #anime!
<OniTotoro> Pull!
<ranma_1> YO EVERYONE AGAIN!!!
<TwoTails> Conty - if you really believe that... ;)
<Asrial> yay! he came back!
<Asrial> :)
<Rchan> TT: thanks!!!
<Conty> ranma_1: Welcome back...
* TwoTails starts the timer... ;)
<RyogaBoy> woo woo there is that ranma
<Desslok_> re ranma1
<Rchan> ranma: welcome back!
* RyogaBoy runs to Ranma to hug him but gets lost
<Rchan> ranma: we already got rid of that Gubaba dumb fuck so .
<Conty> TT: The evidence is damning, yes, but it is also circumstantial.
<ferrio> kage: hell yeah!
<ranma_1> Wow! Whata reception...
<ranma_1> Thanks everybody
<Rchan> ranma: so don't worry
<ferrio> rabi: heh
<o_O> EEeEEEeEeEeEEEEeEeeee
<Asrial> ranma: just ignore that gubaba guy he's just a meanie!
* ferrio pops in some Sex Pistols
* K1 checks his watch...
<Desslok_> Gubaba is surly!
<ranma_1> Rchan: Thanks pal! Hes a moron
<TwoTails> (strike 1...)
<OniTotoro> Uh oh...
<o_O> Desslok: We knew that already!
<Surat> Dess: You'd be too after all that Macross 7!
<RyogaBoy> ranma_1: what made you choose your nick> why not a more respectabl;e one like..Ryoga? :)
<ranma_1> I allready am Asrial thanks
<Desslok_> surat/O_o: heheh
<kageneko> is someone keeping a countdown?
* ferrio is amazed at gubaba's self control... unless he's afk
<ranma_1> Ryoga: I dont act, look and sound like you MR P thats why
<TwoTails> kage - 4 minutes and counting...
<Conty> ranma: He's right over there. Try to be more polite... ^_^;;
<Gubaba> No, I'm here...
<Rchan> Ryoga: mewuahahahahahah
<Gubaba> I made no promises...
<Surat> Ryoga: Ooh, smackdown!
<RyogaBoy> MR P?
* RyogaBoy is lost..in thought
<K1> who's MR P?
<OniTotoro> Mr. P = Mr. Pig?
<Rchan> whoaaaaaaaa
<RyogaBoy> oh yeah..pchan duh
* Gubaba gives Oni a Gold star :)
<Surat> Mr. T's lesser known brother!
<Asrial> mr. pig!
<ranma_1> P-chan = MRP and Charlotte and then again hes ALSO Ryoga
<OniTotoro> Gubaba: =:O
<K1> MR P= Master P?
* Gubaba gives Oni a Skyline!
<RyogaBoy> hey..where's some water!
<Surat> K1: RB got the hook-up!
<RyogaBoy> I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed cold water
<OniTotoro> Ooo... Yellow...
<Gubaba> Oni: (Local Chili place joke. ^^;)
* ranma_1 throws water on Ryogaboy "Here!"
<kkentium> what????? p-chan is ryoga??? WTF IS WITH THE SPOILERS YOU ASSHOLE!!!
<K1> 3 min...
<Desslok_> kkentium: gahahahaha
<WundedSt> hahahaha
<Rchan> kken: mwuahahahahahahahahaha you don't watch ranma! you suck man!!!!!
<Desslok_> where's Akane when ya need her ;)
* RyogaBoy runs up to ranma_! begins to hump his leg and squeal like a pig
<Asrial> bwahahahhahaahhaha!
<Surat> Wait, you mean to say that what he said meant....AW CHRISTQ
<Surat> !
<ranma_1> kkentium:If you didnt know that yer an idiot
<TwoTails> Eddie - mind you... if people don't mind having him around... then I can "disarm" ;)
<kkentium> omg
<TwoTails> (strike 2...)
<WundedSt> LOL
* Conty used to watch Ranma, many a moon ago...
<RyogaBoy> ooooooooh
<Surat> ranma: Man, you just totally ruined the entire show for me!
<Desslok_> uh-oh
<OniTotoro> Uh oh...
* K1 hands kken some tapes of a show called Ranma
<RyogaBoy> trigger finger down !
<ranma_1> Surat: Heyy! I didnt know!
<K1> Keith: *shrug* I'm just waiting to see what happens
* kkentium pushes the TwoTails hasshin junbi button
<RyogaBoy> no wait.. i mean
<WundedSt> Ranma 1/3!
<RyogaBoy> SQEE!
* Trav^ sighs..."again?"
<RyogaBoy> SQUEE!
<Asrial> conty: everybody's seen ranma...well maybe except for that kkentium guy!
<Rchan> man
* Surat consults the notes from the closet!
*** RyogaBoy is now known as PChan
<K1> Keith: this is more fun than those Beast Wars eps. I was watching..
<PChan> squee i tell you squee!
* Desslok_ gets ready those Ranma 1/3 quotes
<kkentium> ranma: so you are saying i am an idiot?
<ranma_1> See? P chan...as in MRP get it now?
<Asrial> wow pchan isnt taken?
* ferrio dives for his bunker
<ranma_1> kkentium:Either that or ya havent seen the show
<PChan> oh man.....the devil has an uuuugly grin on his face
<TwoTails> 2:30 and counting...
<K1> "We are...Crooks Japan Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!"
<Rchan> Pchan: hey are you ryogaboy?
<Conty> K1: Ah, but even more fun than Beast Wars II? <shudder>
<kageneko> who else is playing?... 15 minutes to game time
*** Trav^ has quit IRC (EOF From client)
* PChan jumps into akane's arms and snuggles
<Desslok_> Crooks charges competitively!
<ferrio> kage: me me me me me me!
<Rchan> kage: no playing man... i'm gonna watch Ranma!!
<kkentium> ranma: i was about ot watch the episode where they tell you who pchan is tonight after work you fucking asshole!!
<WundedSt> Heheh BULLSHIT...you don't know the first thing about anime!
<PChan> rchan: I am dangerous ryoga boy =)
* ranma_1 kicks P-chan out of Akane's arms "HEYY! Know that off!"
<Conty> ranma_1: Isn't the "ranma" nick kinda passe', though? There's an awful many Ranmas out there... ^_^;;
<ferrio> ranma: akane <the one here anyway> is married...
<Asrial> conty: but he's ranma #1! all the other ones are fakes!
* K1 is trying to remember what kind of show ranma was
*** o_O is now known as ranma_2
<Surat> Conty: He is the FIRST Ranma!
* OniTotoro *snickers*
<K1> ranma: what kind of anime is ranma anyway?
* PChan pees on ranma and sees if urine substitutres water
<Rchan> yeah! WHO'S DA MAN!!!!!
<Trav^> geez is it flakiy today...
<ranma_1> kkentium:Grrrr! Dont take yer problems out on me pal!! I didnt know that! So either stop cussin at me or shut up!!
<Desslok_> oof
<PChan> oooooh
* K1 rolls his eyes, oh boy...
<TwoTails> 1:00 and counting...
<ranma_2> KKEN IS MOST MATURE!!!
* ranma_1 dives away from the peeing P-chan
<PChan> gahahahahahaha
<Conty> Surat/Az: Uh, no he's not.... THAT dubious honor belongs to Rob G., many a blue moon ago...
<Desslok_> "Desslok Gun, ready for firing"
<ranma_1> kkentium: Bring it on you JERK!
<Gubaba> Man, ignore kken, he's some 12 year old...
<PChan> SQUEEE! <--- "Hot water please!"
<K1> 54 sec...
<K1> 45 sec...
<OniTotoro> "Hey... Batter... Batter..."
* ferrio snickers
<Asrial> conty: no way man! this guy must be the real ranma!
<TwoTails> "Swing... batter!"
<ranma_2> LISTEN.
* ferrio also hopes someone is logging this :D
<Conty> ranma: Uh, dude... kken has ops, you don't. Stand down.
<Asrial> conty: if he wasn't he wouldnt be #1!
<ranma_2> ANIMAY
<Surat> Conty: This guy is the dude from the show!
* TwoTails asks his fellow Roman citizens... thumbs up? Or thumbs down?
<Desslok_> it's the real ranma!
<emerson> l
<Rchan> kken: SHUT UP! LET THE GUY TALK!
*** kkentium sets mode: +m
<TwoTails> time's up! time for thumbs!
<Conty> TT: Way up.
<PChan> twotails: nose up!
* OniTotoro points his claw down, natch... ^^
*** kkentium sets mode: -m
<ranma_2> I TRUST U KKEN
<TwoTails> anyone else?
<K1> Keith: I'm not sure ^^;;
<Asrial> tt: let the poor boy stay!
*** kkentium sets mode: +b *!*@*.aol.com [22:47] [#anime!] Banned- ranma_1
*** PChan is now known as Dangrboy
<kageneko> go go go !!1
*** ranma_1 was kicked by ferrio (the snap is down, the kick is up, and it's GOOD!)
<Surat> Man!
<Dangrboy> oooh tag team
<WundedSt> what else is there to do? ..let him stay
<TwoTails> bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
<Desslok_> heh
* OniTotoro *snickers*
*** ferrio was kicked by Conty (You're no fun)
<Rchan> maaaaaaaannnnnnn
*** ferrio (ferrio@dantooine-1-166.mdm.mke.execpc.com) has joined #anime!
* TwoTails kinda figured someone else would do the "dirty" work (washes hands...)
* K1 watches the twinkle in the sky
<Gubaba> hm... kken and his buddy ferio in cahoots...
<ranma_2> Eeeee!
<kageneko> oh man...
<Dangrboy> man someone invite himn back!
<K1> Keith is some goddamned mastermind!!!
<kageneko> in cahoots!
<ferrio> gub: cahoots nothing
*** ferrio was kicked by kkentium (you fat fucker)
<ranma_2> Cahoots! someplace in Idaho!
<Asrial> yay!
<Desslok_> "Goal: ferrio" "Assist: kken"
<TwoTails> bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
<ranma_2> EEeee!
<TwoTails> Ken killed the hitman! removed da evidence and testimony!
<TwoTails> this is even better!
<Rchan> mwuahahahahahahahaahahah
*** ranma_2 is now known as o_O
<Dangrboy> kken is...the only
<Conty> You know what the saddest part is? I'm more likely to unban Ranma_1 than to unban ferio...
<Dangrboy> one
<Dangrboy> conty: gahahahahahaahahahaah
<TwoTails> Conty - ga ha ha ha ha ha
<K1> Conty: go for it!
<Surat> Conty: Nothing sad about that!
*** Rchan sets mode: -b *!*@*.aol.com
<Surat> Not unless...I do it first! ^o^
<Surat> D'oh...
<Asrial> yeah! that ranma1 guy is much cooler than ferio!
<Dangrboy> conty: we goota get him back in here..just to see the steam come from kken's face ^^;
* Gubaba thinks that Rabi is a mean girl ^^
<kageneko> conty: oh man!
<Desslok_> let's see if he keeps coming back
<kkentium> man i wasn't pissed at ranma
<Surat> Dess: He just msg'd me again...
<Dangrboy> dess: i could like be...the middle man of assurance and sytmpathy if need be =)
<kageneko> surat: oh man!..
<Rchan> ahem
<Desslok_> Surat: gonna invite him again? :P
<Surat> Dess: Yeah.
<Desslok_> Dangerboy: wahahahahahahha
<Surat> :)
<K1> kken: they just used you to piss off ranma ^^
<Dangrboy> surat: is he still ranma_1?
<Desslok_> I'd be curious to see how many times he comes back
<Surat> DB: Yeah.
<Dangrboy> heheheheeheh
*** Dangrboy is now known as RyogaBoy
<kkentium> i'm sick of fat boy slim ferrio having no originality of his own and jumping on the bandwagon
* RyogaBoy whistles innocently
<kageneko> oh god.. we can keep him coming and going as much as we need to
> you guys are evil
> poor ranma :)
<RyogaBoy> do we let him in? <raedy to go in actor mode>
<K1> Keith: you are pure evil dood!!
<Rchan> he said... too many people don't like him there
<Gubaba> man, screw that! I was the one who kicked him first. ^^ Y'all copied me ^^
<Conty> <ranma_1> Conty you know me, I hate jerks...and even if it costs me a ban I will defend myself
<TwoTails> Eddie - what? I didn't do nuthin! (whistles)
<Conty> OH MAN!!!!!!!!!
<Desslok_> another 5 minutes? :P
<RyogaBoy> yeh!
<Rchan> conty knows ranma1??
<Surat> <ranma_1> Well I dont think ya guys want me there anyway
*** kkentium is now known as kkenjerk
<RyogaBoy> man this better then video games :)
<K1> Keith: OK, I missed when ranma_1 came on when I was disconnected, what's the story
<kageneko> 4 minutes!
*** kkenjerk is now known as jerkken
<TwoTails> Eddie - he signed on and typed in all caps YO EVERYONE!!!
> kken: stop being a jerk! your such a jerk! :)
<Rchan> er.....
<Asrial> dammit, that loosah ferrio ruined the fun!
<Surat> Ryoga: If you hung out in #videogames where you belonged, you'd see this all the time!
<Rchan> do we want him back?
<Asrial> he won't come back now
<TwoTails> Eddie - and Gubaba saw "ranma" + "aol" + "allcaps" and kickbanned.
<Surat> <ranma_1> Well as long as all you guys want me there Ill keep tryin
<kageneko> surat: WAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA
<kageneko> go go go !!!
<TwoTails> Eddie - the crowd roared. They wanted the village idiot back - they were all bored! So I gave everyone 5 minutes. ;)
<Surat> Kage: This is what he's saying!
* RyogaBoy msgs' ranma
<WundedSt> hey let's talk about anime guyz!
<kageneko> bhodi: wanna play?.. we have 4
*** ranma_1 (I_AM_RANMA@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com) has joined #anime!
<RyogaBoy> BINGO!
<ranma_1> TA DAA!
-> *kageneko* you know I cant resist
<Asrial> hey! he's back! :)
<TwoTails> man, this is more fun than Brood Wars!
* Rchan huggles ranma1
<kageneko> tt: heheheheh
<TwoTails> multiple player, real-time!
* ranma_1 blushes "Uhh uhh Hi?"
* Asrial gives ranma_1 a big hug!
> I_AM_RANMA@98A79A38.ipt.aol.com hahahahahahahahahahahaha
<Gubaba> Does this count as network play?
<Surat> In the immortal words of Norman Smiley, "Who's your daddy?"
<kageneko> gub: yeah!
* ranma_1 blushes beet red
<Conty> Guba: Hell yeah!
<Asrial> bhodi: hey! leave the poor guy alone!
<kageneko> bhodi: bah.. it's just an account
<TwoTails> network play, low ping-times, it's all good!
* RyogaBoy hugs ranma..and bites him
*** Bhodi is now known as BhodiBW
<Rchan> Bhodi: well, he IS Ranma!!!!!!!!!!!
<Gubaba> COnty: The AI is kinda limited...
<ranma_1> OWW!
<ranma_1> AHHH!
<TwoTails> and it's not a one-man sport! everyone can join!
* WundedSt shakes ranma_1 hand "hi"
<ranma_1> Ryoga get offa me!
<Surat> Bhodi: Man, that's just a screen name!
<ranma_1> Uhh Yo? WundedSt?
<WundedSt> Ranma: hey man..wassup?
> Surat: oh, my bad. I think i'll go worship ranma now. please excuse me
<Asrial> uhoh fruity ryogaboy is accosting poor ranma!
<Desslok_> didn't know Ryouga really felt that way about Ranma :p
<ranma_1> Wunded:Nuthin much
<jerkken> gahahahah they just showed the braves bullpen and there was some dood laying on the turf sleeping!!
<RyogaBoy> asrial: Squee! B)
<Desslok_> kken: gaahahhahahahaa
<Asrial> what a sicko!
<WundedSt> ranma: how long you been into anime?
* ranma_1 punts Ryogaboy away "Im NOT Like that!"
* RyogaBoy wonders when.....the shukaidoian warrior known as..Mousse will show B)
* RyogaBoy runs aorund ryoga
<Asrial> ryoga: yeah! we need mousse!
<RyogaBoy> er..ranma
<RyogaBoy> heheheeh
<jerkken> i can't believe that dood was lying there sleeping!
<Conty> ranma: Well, dude, you *are* the one who names himself after a dude who transforms into a chesty chinese chick!
<Rchan> Conty: mwuahahahahahah chesty!
<ranma_1> Conty: Cheezy!? I am not!
<Asrial> conty: of course, ranma is cool!
<ranma_1> Chesty!?
<Conty> ranma: I said "chesty".
<Asrial> chesty, not cheezy...like big boobs!
<ranma_1> Heyy! Cmon!
* jerkken gropes ranma's package
<ranma_1> Its not like I can help it!?
<Rchan> kken: mwauhaahahah
<Gubaba> Chesty? Chinese?
* RyogaBoy suckles ranma's boobs piggy style
<SuratD> Package isn't the chest!
<Conty> ranma: You could use some other nick.
* ranma_1 kicks Jerkken through a wall "BACK OFF! Im a guy!"
<TwoTails> Chinese Water Chestnuts?
<Hatta> what the hell is going one!?
<ranma_1> IM A GUY YOU IDIOTS!
<Conty> Gubaba: Hey, I didn't write it, ok?
* jerkken strokes ranma's peepee
<SuratD> I always thought Ryoga should rape Ranma! That would teach him!
* Desslok_ dumps some cold water on ranma_1. now yer a grrl :p
<RyogaBoy> gahahahaahahahw
* ranma_1 kicks Ryoga at Jerkken
<Asrial> good thing nobody has a bucket of water lying around
* BhodiBW splashes hot water on ranma for fun
<Asrial> oops!
*** ranma_1 is now known as ranko_1
<TwoTails> hmm, 3 minutes...
<Rchan> Dess: hahahahaha
<ranko_1> AHHH!
<kageneko> wahahahha
* Rchan huggles K_chan!
*** ranko_1 is now known as ranma_1
<Gubaba> Wonder what'd happen if Ranma got pregnant...
<Conty> ranma: So you say. Wouldn't be the first chick to claim she's a guy to scare off IRCers...
<ranma_1> Stop that!
* jerkken bends ranma over...
* RyogaBoy humps ranma from the back
<K_chan> Keith: was it something like that?
<SuratD> ranma: It's happened before!
<Desslok_> "La Blue Ranma"
*** K_chan is now known as K1
* Conty looks around...
<ranma_1> Conty: Wanna call my house and talk on the phone and find out?
<TwoTails> ga ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
<Conty> What, "Hentai Thursday" already?
<WundedSt> oh man...
<SuratD> ranma: We don't know your number!
<ranma_1> YIKES!
<Asrial> conty: what?! there are people who pretend to be of the opposite sex on irc? :o
<OniTotoro> Oh man... It's Hentai Thursday! Bad day for newbies! =:O
* ranma_1 dodges Ryogaboy "Back off pervert!"
<TwoTails> man, you guys are right... this is uproariously funny...
<Conty> ranma: Uhh, I'm using the phone line to talk to you right now, aren't I? ^_^;;
<Rchan> IT's Thursday!!
<Hatta> hmm... I could go for some KFC... heheehehehe!
<kageneko> tHursday!!!!
<SuratD> TT: Shut up! There's nothing funny about it!
<Desslok_> It's Thursday in Europe! close enough!
<TwoTails> 1 minute...
* RyogaBoy tag teams himself into the only other person who could handle this situation
*** RyogaBoy is now known as DBKUNO
* K1 gets bored and starts fondling with her breasts
* kageneko hopes someone is logging
<TwoTails> man! Lionel isn't here!
<ranma_1> IM a guy!
<ranma_1> Stay awayyy!
* ranma_1 hides in a tree
* jerkken starts to assfuck ranma
<SuratD> K1: So you ARE a girl! Those $300 in phone calls weren't a waste after all!
<Asrial> yikes! fruity gay kuno!
* kageneko dresses ranma_1 in bondage fairy gear
* DBKUNO does ranma_1 up the ass blue furikan high sckool style
<Hatta> how enjoyable is hell?
* K1 starts rubbing up against hot hot Conty-sama
<Desslok_> O_o
<SuratD> @_@
<WundedSt> hahahah
* ranma_1 kicks Jerkken 234,789,455,556,334,477,445 times "I SAID GET LOST!"
<Asrial> hi gav
<Asrial> O_O
<Gaver> hiho
<TwoTails> ok, time's up! Fellow citizens of Rome... thumbs up? or down?
* BhodiBW passes the sera fuku around
<Rchan> man!!!
<SuratD> That's a lot of kicks!
<Desslok_> kuno's got other uses for that wooden sword of his I see...
* K1 is horny and needs a man now!! @_@
<Rchan> THumbs UP!
*** OniTotoro sets mode: +o ranma_1
*** K1 was kicked by Asrial (stay away from my man you hussy!)
* BhodiBW reflexively kills the ghost
<DBKUNO> dess: what sword?!?!
<WundedSt> omphf!
<Rchan> mwuahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahaha
<DBKUNO> gahahahaahahahahaahaha
<OniTotoro> Woo hoo! Might as well make it interesting! ;)
<Desslok_> kuno: hehehehehehe
<Hatta> AOL, that explains it.
> oh man
*** TwoTails sets mode: -o ranma_1
<DBKUNO> oh christ
> you sure this is a good idea?
<SuratD> Hatta: Nothing wrong with AOL!
<ranma_1> MAN! You guys can give a guy a headache
<TwoTails> Stan - man! you know better than to op a newbie! ;)
* Gubaba whacks OniTotoro upside the head with a wet noodle!
<K_ichi> YO EVERYONE!!
<DBKUNO> oh man..we hgave war
> Hatta: go eat dinner so we can start.. I'm off to make some M&C
<OniTotoro> TT: ^^
<kageneko> oh god!!... playing with fiyah!!!1
<Hatta> eating right now...
<Rchan> Kichi!
*** DBKUNO is now known as DShampoo
<Desslok_> Shampoo!!!!!
*** segaru (vfx@anime.net) has joined #anime!
* TwoTails lets his fellow Roman citizens enjoy the circus... before he lets loose the lions... ;)
<ranma_1> YIKES!
* ranma_1 runs from DShampoo
<Rchan> TT is the greatest man!
* Asrial *patpats* poor abused conty
* K_ichi flips back her hair and checks out the other guys on the channel
<segaru> release the lions!
<Touya> K1 finally got it cut off...
<kageneko> surat: YOU ARE MOST MATURE!
<DShampoo> oh man..i msged that gahahahaaha
<Hatta> oh man..... this isso wacked.
<ranma_1> MAN! I think I was better off kick/banned!
* DShampoo ROTFL
*** segaru sets mode: +b *!*@*.aol.com [23:02] [#anime!] Banned- ranma_1
<WundedSt> heh
<Desslok_> lol
*** ranma_1 was kicked by TwoTails (better off kickbanned!)
* Asrial dumps cold water on DShampoo
<TwoTails> thanks for giving me the punchline. ;)
<DShampoo> MEOw
*** SuratD is now known as Surat
* K1_ette gets his penis back
*** K1_ette is now known as K1
* Trav^ quietly withdraws to a shadowy corner of the channel...
<DShampoo> woo hoo i finally get some pussy heheheeh
<Asrial> heheheheheh
<TwoTails> <ranma_1> Thanks!
<K1> Hmm...that was interesting...
<DShampoo> no wait..
<TwoTails> bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
<Surat> K1: What?! Quit kayfabing me, already!
<kageneko> oh man!
* OniTotoro *snickers* and wanders off...
* DShampoo does some serious cut and paste from msg with ranma
<Conty> Ah! Another satisfied customer!
* kageneko is laughing so hard, his dinner is coming up!
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> Yer sick!
<DShampoo> <DBKUNO> man relax...they are going easy on you...i got it waaaay worse
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> Ill fight ya all!
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> I swear it!
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> ACK!
<Surat> DS: You're obliged to do it!
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> Your crazy!
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> GO AWAY!
<Desslok_> he's prolly freaking out now
<WundedSt> hehe....
<K1> Keith: man, you kicked him off before I could do work my 'magic' on him B)
<Mokuren> jesus... flood from fucking ranma people
* BhodiBW falls down laughing
<Hatta> I'll fight you ALL?!
<Surat> Ask for his phone number!
<kageneko> another one for kyou's logs!
*** DShampoo was kicked by segaru (segaru)
<TwoTails> man... we're really newbie hostile, aren't we? ^^
<Rchan> [21:59] <ranma_1> no offense but you guys are crazy! Im better off banned
<kageneko> TT: damn right...
*** Darknight has quit IRC (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
*** DShampoo (dangerboy-@CHCGB204-11.splitrock.net) has joined #anime!
<DShampoo> hehehe
<Surat> kage: The first log has been lost...
<Asrial> gahahahahahahah
<kageneko> surat: what?!
<DShampoo> i just asked for his p# =)
> TwoTails: nah, I sneaked on here without getting anything that bad :)
<kageneko> surat; NOOOOOOOO
<Conty> <ranma_1> Your channels nuts! remind me not to go there anymore unless I want a headache
*** Surat was kicked by TwoTails (You lost the log? How could you?!)
*** Surat (suratg@surf4601.jacksonville.net) has joined #anime!
<Hatta> oh yeah, we should all call his house in turn.
<Surat> kage: Fuu's page is gone, so the link on Kyou's and Raider3's site is gone.
<kageneko> bhodi: but you got special dispensation
> I've got the log if you need it..
<DShampoo> <DShampoo> ps,,can i have your phone number <wink wink>
<DShampoo> <ranma_1> AHH! I said get lost!
<Asrial> yay! bhodi saves the day!
<DShampoo> hehehehe
<Surat> TT: Man, I never had the first one anyway. :)
<kageneko> surat: the logs are still available
<Trav^> conty: Guess it worked, then... :-)
*** DShampoo was kicked by segaru (segaru)
> unforuntately, I log everything.. so the log is probably 500k in size
* K1 bows to DB, you are fucking *EVIL*
*** DShampoo (dangerboy-@CHCGB204-11.splitrock.net) has joined #anime!
> you can pick it out tho
<Surat> kage: What's the link? Kyou's, Fuu's, and R3's are broken.
<kageneko> oh man...
<DShampoo> man we need a new newbie.
<Desslok_> Surat: www.usagichan.com
*** DShampoo is now known as Dangrboy
<TwoTails> hmm... can't we con some of the guys on #anime to come over for kicks? (no pun intended)
<Hatta> yeah, we need another newbie!
> DSh: I didn't think that one was done.... you could have had more fun with hinm
<Surat> Dess: That's Kyou's page! That link is broke!
<kageneko> DB should just randomly invite some poor schmuck every thrusday for newbie torture
* K1 sings along to 'Forever Yours'
*** Hatta changes topic to 'WE ARE MOST MATURE!!'
<Dangrboy> kage: B)
<Conty> Trav: <Conty> Tell your friends! ^o^
<Rchan> So who had it logged? bhodi?
<Desslok_> Surat: works for me...
* Dangrboy ponders becoming a IRc jawa..will steal newbies and sell them to #anime! B)
<TwoTails> and so the network game ends, with the victory of the human players. ^^
*** K1 changes topic to 'is PURE EVIL!!'
<Trav^> conty: hmmm, word of mouth negative advertising...
*** BhodiBW changes topic to 'Thursday special: newbie bashing! (Two whack minimum)'
<Surat> Dess: Ranma Torture 1 works for you?
<kageneko> TT: oh yes.. definately.. so long as Conty is not the one inviting
* Desslok_ logged it
*** K1 changes topic to '"#anime! is PURE EVIL!!!"'
<kageneko> TT: his infamy precedes him
<Surat> Have kken do the invite!
<Rchan> ah I only logged from 36 mins past the hour on
> Rchan: I have it all logged if you want it...
<TwoTails> we need a server! a new newbie AI!
<kageneko> bhodi: save it quick!
<TwoTails> who wants to play!
* Surat has the entire log of what's been happening tonight..
> kageneko: okay!
<Hatta> this went on for an HOUR!?
<K1> I was logging, but my puter crashed and I had to reboot :(
<kageneko> oh man!!! LEET missed the fun!!!
<Gubaba> Man, better not trim out my contribution from the log!
<kageneko> hatta: yeah
*** Kyou-ohki (kyousuke@netcom16.netcom.com) has joined #anime!
*** Shogun sets mode: +o Kyou-ohki
<LeeThomps> kage: Oh?
<kageneko> leet: oh man!!! SOOOO funny!
<Surat> Yeah, except when I disconnected...
<LeeThomps> damn, no Outis
<TwoTails> man, Linus Lam News Network is too late!

Yup, LLNN got on top of it!  Coverage you can count on!  Here at Linus Lam Network News!