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UPDATED 5/23/2003!

Anime Expo 96 Poster Ordering Information

This program is indefinitely suspended.

All existing orders will be honored when I can afford the TIME and money.  Unless some miracle happens and I win the lottery, I will not take any more requests or answer any more emails regarding this program.  I HAVE NO TIME AND HAVE MANY BILLS TO PAY.   Apologies for the massive delays.  There is only one of me and I have too many things to take care of.  Future requests beyond the date above will be ignored.

Thank you to all those who received the poster and liked it a lot!  :)  I hope it inspires more anime artists to try harder at improving their skills and watching more anime for years to come!

Existing orders: You can check daily or weekly on your order / email status in the Order Status page.  PLEASE note that I am EXTREMELY BUSY and since this program is free to you I would only ask that you understand the financial and time strain this puts upon me.

The Limited Edition AX96 Posters are exactly that; ALL are a limited run SIGNED and NUMBERED by the artist Lionel Lum. Each poster is a huge 26x40" which fits perfectly in an oversized standard 27x41" frame, printed on thick 100lb stock, and reproduced in full-color 1:1 size. ALL posters are sent by first class Priority Mail in a hard tube so as not to mar the edges or bend during transit. 

FREE???  Why?  Besides the fact that I need to clear up floor space @_@;;; , the goal for this poster was to be a goodwill gesture for current and future anime fans.  Prices were set back in 1996 to offset the huge high-quality professional printing cost, and since then, the prices have gone down until they were released for free throughout the years.  Fans loved it and the stacks virtually disappeared!  Only a couple hundred are still left out of a total print run of 2500 (as of 9/19/2002).   Any money payments sent within the mainland United States will be sent right back along with the ordered numbered of poster(s) and the tube (ONLY for those who ordered after year 2001).

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