My Cool Pad!

The very original Palisades tower complex Out of the six dorm tower complexes on Ikibomot Campus, I live in the fourth tower, the Palisades tower. It's pretty cool. Because it is a private institution of higher learning, Ikibomot requires most students to live in dormitories instead of at home. While this may normally seem like prison to those not familiar to Ikibomot, the students of Ikibomot High enjoy a wealth of information technology and geographical area any normal high school student would never be able to have. The boarding policies restrict dorm roomie groups to four, but I got connections through Yurika to have all five of me be able to live comfortably via a converted lounge room. I don't know how the architects did it, but now I got a large walk-in closet, small kitchenette, three-person shower, two bedroom (Five, Four, and Two in one, and Three and One in the other) units, and my own air conditioning system! I almost thought I'd get a patio, but I believe that would be stretching my resources a bit... although Yurika was thinking about it recently...

My cool entertainment center Here is a shot of my entertainment center, which used to be the southern end of the lounge. You can peruse my stacks of ancient analog videotapes. I have some laserdiscs, too, but I have to watch them over at Yurika's or Terri's place since I don't own a laserdisc player.

My Laser Disc collection. My Laser Disc collection. My videotape collection. My videotape collection.

My dinky kitchen Here is a shot of my small kitchenette, which used to be the western end of the lounge. Through the window, you can see the interior walkway running inside the Palisades tower. Sure it's small, but that's what we have a cafeteria for. Hmm.. I think I need to wash my dishes.

Ryoohki sniffs around!

Ryoohki perks up! Here are some shots of my cute rabbit! His name is "Ryoohki" whom I named after the cute cat-rabbit creature in the anime Tenchi Muyou! I discovered him a year ago when he was just a little hungry bunny roaming around the outside of the third dorm tower Neptune. I ignored the no-animals policy and immediately took him into my care. Every dorm lounge has a small garden next to the interior walkway, so I built a small fence to keep him safe and secure.

Here are some shots of my bookshelves as well as some of the books I'm studying. The study load is demanding, but what can you do...
Shelves of manga Shelves of cds and more manga

My Textbooks My school textbooks.

Laurie Five!

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