Hobbies and Stuff I Like

Singing the hits! Very rarely will you see me participating in group sport activities, but sometimes I get kinda bored and want to stretch my arms and legs a little. For example, here is a picture of me loosening up during a fun night of karaoke.

My favorite motorcycle: the Bimota Extreme! Pictured here is my favorite mode of transporation, the Bimota Extreme. Steve likes it a lot, too.

Me debugging an old computer motherboard! This is a shot of Three working on a small computer project. The goal was to extract and debug some assembly code from an old 486 motherboard. Three is using a wireless keyboard and active-matrix flatscreen.

Me after a great basketball game! Basketball and volleyball are really cool, because I can set myself up for a two-on-two game with one as scorekeeper, playing for a total of five games and be happy. Pictured here is Four with the ball, watching the other teams during Varsity practice.

Me after swimming! Believe it or not, this is a shot of me inside the Palisades tower complex after getting out from the indoor pool. Its even got a holographic blue-sky atmospheric generator! Reminds me of sunny California.

Laurie on the violin! Musical appreciation is a must. Here is me on the violin during a performance at the New York Festival of the Arts. I'm not all that great at it, really.

Laurie at the grill! When the Palisades cafeteria is closed, I grab some kitchenware and start cooking, much to the chagrin of surrounding students without a small kitchenette. This is a shot of me in cooking class goofing around that day with a real chef's hat and uniform.

Laurie Five! My Firearms! My Firearms!

Laurie Five!

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