Anime Expo!

Wow, I never thought I could meet so many people into anime! I can't wait until next year! Good thing I brought a camera along to take some photos of me and my buddies!

Me in ConOps with DarkPhx! This year, I got to join Staff working in Convention Operations. Don't I look cool with a radio? To my right is Charles "DarkPhx" McCarter, who is joking over the radio with Kevin Chu in the technical department.

Me and Noburo Ishiguro! Masquerade! This's a shot of Three and Five as Sailor Jupiter and Pretty Sammi, respectively. A lot of my friends coined us "Sailor Laurie and Pretty Laurie." We are posing with our coolest celebrity of the Honorary Staff and Guest of Honor, Noburo Ishiguro, President of Artland in Japan. He appears quite happy!

Me with Shogun and BEAR! Here's a shot of Two posing with Anime Expo founder Mike "Shogun/DrkAngel" Tatsugawa and his cute BEAR! I hear I am an Auntie now... Auntie Laurie!

Me and Scanner! My loving "daddy" Scanner of Registration and former of Convention Operations. Yeah, everyone calls him Scanner!

Me and the original Kwai Chang Hyou! My bud, Jim "Hyou" Elliott! This cute shot was taken right after the AX Dance Party. I hear Jim has a thing for cute girls in Chinese dresses...

Me and Kyousuke! Wai wai! I got lucky on the last day and found Lionel "Kyousuke" Lum (who also helped me upload this webpage) and got him to pose with me. I told him he's a cool artist, but he says he's nothing but a boring computer engineer. What do you think?

Me and Pomru! Pomru! Four and One dug him out of Art Show and dragged him into this great shot.

Me and Yurika! Yurika volunteered to be on AX Merchandising Staff after I joined Convention Operations, and here is a shot of us just outside the Exhibit Hall. Cool, huh?

Laurie Five!

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