So where did the name "Slackwood" come from? The answer to that lies in the breakdown of the name. Slack is a concept with deep meaning in Kibology. Not long after I moved to New Jersey, my friend and fellow Kibologist George Walters was looking at a map of the state for interesting places, and discovered, just north of Trenton, a small town called Slackwoods, New Jersey.

Location map of Slackwoods courtesy of MapQuest

I found this name to be in harmony, not only with general Kibological principles, but also with my own concepts of identity and place in the larger context of the world. Slack can mean different things to different people, and to me, in this context, it represented a relaxed, quiet place where few unwelcome demands would be made. The Wood aspect reinforced this, adding an image of undisturbed nature. Given these associations, I realized that the place where I would be happiest would have to be called Slackwood.

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