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Oda-sensei's words (year 5)
[rika's footnotes and clarifications are in brackets.]

  #34, 2001  

I saw the SHAMAN KING anime. I was slightly touched seeing "Based on the story by Hiroyuki Takei". I know that person!!

  #35, 2001  

The ending for the anime changed... I heard that the singers are in junior high school. They're so young!

  #36/37, 2001  

I bought a super-functional chair that just makes me want to laugh, "SHAHAHAHAHA!" A great chair is a must for desk work.

  #38, 2001  

I went to visit the anime recording session. The seiyuus for the Drum arc is just too fun, dammit!

  #39, 2001  

I was just thinking about playing a little of Jump Out, Pirate Fleets! but I was suckered into going further and further...!! They really structured that game really well!!

  #40, 2001  

I went to see a play that Ms. Mayumi Tanaka, the voice behind Luffy, is performing in. Voice actors sure have beautiful voices~!

  #41, 2001  

I moooooooooooooooved!! There's soooooooooooooooooooooo much space!! It's cooooooooooooooooomfortable!! I feel refreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshed!!

  #42, 2001  

The voice actor for Smoker in the anime, Mr. Ginzo Matsuo, has passed away. May he rest in peace.

  #43, 2001  

When I went to a nearby pet shop, there were all sorts of strange reptiles. I want to raise one, but.... will I actually take care of it?

  #44, 2001  

Adults who kill other people saying it's a jihad, or it's justice. The children who see that. ONE PIECE will keep going for quite a bit more... while hoping for world peace.

  #45, 2001  

When I was out in my favorite mini-garden and reading under the sunlight... I was told that it was bad for my eyes.

  #46, 2001  

Oh.... forgive me for listening to classical music while creating my storyboards. And here's to being such an intellectual self.

  #47, 2001  

But, you know what..? You really have to exercise... if you get muscle cramps just by riding an exercise bike....

  #48, 2001  

I went to the Jump Festa in Fukuoka. It was really fun, as we had a riot even from when we were preparing the short gags right before we went on stage.

  #49, 2001  

I shed one tear after another while watching the Drum Kingtom flashback episodes of the anime. I can only but give thanks to the anime director and all his staff.

  #50, 2001  

Right now, I'm memorizing the names of all the members of "MORNING-MUSUME." -- my staff makes totally mocks me if I don't know who is who.

  #51, 2001  

I always feel like eating the food served at the buffet during parties held by Shueisha after I come home. You know, the time of day that they have those parties are.... well....

  #52, 2001  

I tried adding a bit of coffee into miso soup. Mmm.... The nice scent of miso, and a good amount of bitterness.... (SPUTTER).

  #1, 2002  

Old men's jealousy pierce through the Koizumi cabinet. If they have the time to go against his plans, I think they should lend him a hand. They really are strange people......

  #2, 2002  

I finally bought a coffeemaker for the studio, though I had been reluctant to do so because I heard that I had to wash it after each use. Oh, so this is what people call coffee... This is...

  #3, 2002  

Plans for many games are going on right now. The street date that is furtheset away is two years from now. T-Two years..? It sure is a tough thing to make games, isn't it...

  #4/5, 2002  

This year... is coming... to an end...... Even though it's the end of the year, it's the New Year's issue of Jump..... Doesn't this seem a little bit strange!?

  #6/7, 2002  

Yup, Happy New Year. It's the new year... I haqve to state my new year's resolutions, don't I... This year... let's see... I want to draw.... great manga......

  #8, 2002  

The Jump Festa in Makuhari at the end of the year... It turned out to be a blast; it was really amusing! Did you see the One Piece playwrights' stage at the Bandai booth!? They spent 50 million [yen] on it! It's amazing. They should perform it all over Japan.

  #9, 2002  

4 years ago, at the Jump staff new year's party, I received a DVD player. The other day, it broke. Just in time, I got another DVD player at this year's Jump staff new year's party. Thank you!

  #10, 2002  

I interrupted my manuscript to go to Disney Sea for the anime staff new year's party. I had tons of fun, then headed right back to my manuscripts.

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