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Oda-sensei's words (year 4)
[rika's footnotes and clarifications are in brackets.]

  #34, 2000  

When I went to Mr. [Hiroyuki] Takei's house, there was an owl. I don't know why, but it was glaring at me really strongly.

  #35, 2000  

Did you see it!? The new ending for the ONE PIECE anime!! This time, it's the new song by the same artist, Ms. Otsuki. When I heard that, I ran for the heck of it.

  #36, 2000  

The second ONE PIECE novel is on sale right now. It's a side-story of the Logue Town arc. There was a macho story about a mysterious gunman, and Nami's bath scene, among others. There's a lot of stuff in it.

  #37/8, 2000  

This week, we all worked in a dandy manner with cigars that we got from our staffer S as a souvenir from Hawaii.

  #39, 2000  

I cried watching the ONE PIECE anime story about Bellemere. Good music, good acting, good screenplay. Anime is so unfair.

  #40, 2000  

I got a letter from a crew on the sailboat that I went on last summer. It's so nostalgic. Fuu-san on the Kaisei, thanks for the postcard.

  #41, 2000  

The CD by Kunihiro Hayashi that I've been looking for in CD shops for a long time. I got it in the blink of an eye with the Internet. These are good days.

  #42, 2000  

I have DRAGON QUEST 7. I have FINAL FANTASY 9. Neither are open because if I start, I won't be able to put a brake on myself. I have them, too. ["don't I know it," says rika, who is shaving sleep to play DQ7 as she works on this site revamp]

  #43, 2000  

Bandai's Log Pose is pretty fun to play with. I played a little too much, and now my muscles are sore.

  #44, 2000  

The snowy-land arc has ended. (sigh...) But I sure drew a lot of those... "circles". Next up is a kingdom of sand, so it will be "dots".

  #45, 2000  

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Karelin is....!! Am I too late!?

  #46, 2000  

I'm sorry I'm so late, but Kiyu, rest up after all your hard work. Even though you are an author of a Jump series now, I will mercilessly call you for help again, so I give you my best regards.

  #47, 2000  

It was supposed to be just a short nap, but it ended up as a one-way ticket to the abyss of deep, deep sleep. Oh, I don't like it. I hate winter.

  #48, 2000  

I can't believe I was asked to write the recommendation letter at the end of KochiKame [Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari-Kouen-mae Hashuchujo, the longest running series in Jump - hell, I think this series has been running a couple months longer than I have been alive...] volume 122. Volume 122. It's too amazing.

  #49, 2000  

I know it's rather late, but I saw the movie Buena Vista Social Club. It was the best, truly the best!

  #50, 2000  

I listened to Believe, the new One Piece anime opening song by Folder5. I can't really phrase it -- it's a song that just makes you want to jump. I'm looking forward to hearing it on the air.

  #51, 2000  

I went to Nagoya, the land where God lives. I visited the aquarium, or rather, the Toriyama Palace. I was really fun!

  #52, 2000  

OUCH! Why at the end of the year of all times...!!!? My wisdom tooth that I didn't pull out 3 years ago...!!!

  #1, 2001  

Dentist diary part 1. "This wisdom tooth is gonna be hard to pull out," is what they said. Things are looking rather stormy.

  #2, 2001  

Dentist diary part 2. I was late on the day I scheduled the tooth removal. They postponed it to next week. Damn alarm clock!! Oh, it's turned off.

  #3/4, 2001  

Dentist diary part 3. Slash! Creak, creak, CRACK! CRICK! THUMP! Removal complete. Oh, the 20th century is ending.

  #5/6, 2001  

I guess I'll say something like a new year's resolution... This year, I want to travel. Just traveling around here and there.

  #7, 2001  

Jump Festa is a battle of stamina. Good job to all the poeple who came. I was knocked down by the passionate enthusiasm of the crowd!!

  #8, 2001  

I went home for New Year. I saw some friends for the first time in a few years, but I didn't feel nostalgic at all. How strange.

  #9, 2001  

I didn't eat any rice cakes this new year's. I only ate like a total of 2 rice cakes this year...

  #10, 2001  

The fad around here is a soup that simmers for a long time. Everyone in my studio is crazy about this soup this winter.

  #11, 2001  

Is everyone watching the original series for the TV anime? It's so amusing! I'm jealous!

  #13, 2001  

I'm sorry I took a break! I went and played around in the United States for 10 days! But, I gained a lot from this trip.

  #14, 2001  

I'm getting a nosebleed!! I got lots of chocolate. Thank you very much. I'll just eat them all, and draw up a storm!

  #15, 2001  

Did you know that the anime is switching timeslots starting April 15? It's after KochiKame, on Sundays at 7:30! RESTART!!!

  #16, 2001  

Ejirin, who was my assistant for two and a half years, is resigning. What am I going to do? Who am I going to harass from now on!? No, really, thanks for your hard work.

  #17, 2001  

Whoever you are that sent a vast amount of hato-sabres [dove-shaped butter cookies, REALLY yummy :9~~}, Thank you very much-sabre. All of us are eating them sabres.

  #18, 2001  

I can't believe it, but four and a half years. Da-asa, my editor that went through good times and bad with me... He's switching. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  #19, 2001  

My new editor, Mr. Habuta, appears! He has a family, so I'll keep in mind that I can't ask him to do too many reckless things. I'll just think, though.

  #20, 2001  

I'll warn you, but don't listen to One Piece Grand Battle! on your CD player. Especially track two.... (giggle)

  #21/22, 2001  

The work of Mikio Itoh has lit up the hearts of every Mongoose (manga artist) all over the country. Brother, nice work on your series.

  #23, 2001  

Where I'm moving to has finally been decided--!! For now, I got a rental agreement on it!! A new workplace!! But now, when will I be moving over there....?

  #24, 2001  

Apparently, the ratings for the anime have gotten even better since it moved to Sundays. I'm watching as well. All the way from 6pm.

  #25, 2001  

During Golden Week, I gathered with my manga comrades and talked about the new Koizumi cabinet. That is, for about 10 minutes...

  #26, 2001  

The manager of a weapons-shop in Kamakura that I visited before gave me a pirate's sword as a gift. Thank you very much.

  #27, 2001  

I was shown [Masakazu] Katsura-sensei's home theater. Ah... it already is.... just like a movie theater!!

  #28, 2001  

I got an autograph of Hikaru Kawamura [one of those up-and-coming idol girls in jpn]. You know, it's those connections from Shueisha. Thank you very much!

  #29, 2001  

I was really surprised when my name suddenly appeared on the ending credits for the OP GameBoy game. Oh yeah, I am the original story creator, aren't I...

  #30, 2001  

I heard something sensational during a meeting for the anime. This role and that role will be this person and that!!!

  #31, 2001  

T.T., thank you for sending me character dolls! They're cute, and well-made -- the entire staff was raving about them! They're amazing!

  #32, 2001  

The OP illustraion book on sale 7/19 is amazing! It's Rea~~~~~~~~lly amazing. I dedicate it to the tough world out there.

  #33, 2001  

What's this? Capricorns are 6th this week? Revolving doors? That's the lucky item? I'll go for a spin.

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