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Oda-sensei's words (year 3)
[rika's footnotes and clarifications are in brackets.]

  #34, 1999  

The sound of "shishi-odoshi", according to all my staffers, is "kako-n". But I still think it's "kapo-n"!!

  #35, 1999  

They say that Japanese people are getting dumber even by the world's standards. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  #36, 1999  

While finishing up a manuscript, being chased by the deadline, a Star Wars calendar arrived from a reader. Power up!!! Thank you!!!

  #37/8, 1999  

It will be anime!!! And three friends will be in the special out on August 18th!! Mizumoto-san, ONE PIECE staff member Ejiri-san, and [Hirofumi] Takei-kun!! Yeah, time for a party!!

  #39, 1999  

I thought that Mitsuru Nakamura was a poet/artist, and was just drawing the album jackets for 19 [juke]. But he's one of the band's members!! Wow.

  #40, 1999  

How about "Kita-no Kuni-kara Episode I: Adolencence of Kunie"? [KnKk is a long-running Japanese drama series that airs every so often, with the gimmick that the cast always remains the same and the same amount of time flows in the story world as it does in real life.] It's gotten hot lately.

  #41, 1999  

I heard that giraffes can clean their ears with their tongues. That's what the television said. I new friends that picked their noses with their tongue, but ears, that's marvelous. Really, ears... marvelous.

  #42, 1999  

I was able to get an incomparable treasure this summer. I was able to go out to sea on the mastship "Kaisei". Thank you!!

  #43, 1999  

F-san, one of my staffers, became everyone's hero when he caught a huge moth that had infiltrated our workplace.

  #44, 1999  

I went to the audition for the ONE PIECE anime the other day. After much debating, we decided on a cast that every anime staff member was satisfied with. We're announcing it next issue. I'm looking forward to it!

  #45, 1999  

I'm you-know-what lately. I'm sorry I'm having too much fun. The anime starts, and there are more talks about making toys... Boy am I glad I became a manga artist (tears)!!

  #46, 1999  

The e-mails I send are coming back to me!! What's going on!? This is an e-mail that I promised I would send, too!!

  #47, 1999  

I met Watsuki-sensei for the first time in a while. Mr. Wakkie was an easygoing fellow, who wasn't chased around by work.

  #48, 1999  

The pirate's treasure-box giveaway to celebrate the anime version starting up (see p.52) -- the keyword you need is "GOMUGOMU"!!

  #49, 1999  

Have you seen the ONE PIECE anime yet!? Wow, it was an amazing job!! The second episode is a while away, but watch the rerun [of the first ep] on the 13th and wait excitedly for it.

  #50, 1999  

Um, I am currently engrossed in classical music. It is a truly wonderful kind of music.

  #51, 1999  

Did you know that Pandaman is in the opening sequence for the ONE PIECE anime? You can tell on slow-motion.

  #52/3, 1999  

I started PostPet. I also went around related websites.... this world is, you know.... full of cute stuff!

  #1, 2000  

December 29th!! Something huge is gonna happen!! For now, just write "ONE PIECE" on the calendar!

  #2, 2000  

I received a Wonder Swan from the people at Bandai. Everyone in my staff is addicted to Gunpei.

  #3/4, 2000  

It's fast approaching -- the ONE PIECE anime special with three episodes aired back-to-back! Can you believe it!? Don't miss it on the 29th, when it will be aired along with the painful cries of the anime staff!!

  #5/6, 2000  

Happy new year. What should I do this year? I want to draw good manga....

  #7, 2000  

BIBIRU [a comedy unit in Japan] really were great people. And to everyone who came to JUMP FESTA, I have received your good spirits!

  #8, 2000  

I bought a hybrid cel-phone. I know I'm always at home, but I wanted one!!

  #9, 2000  

As I write this now, it's January 19. I have to send out New Year's cards soon... It's what you can say as closure.

  #10, 2000  

I received all sorts of birthday gifts. Thank you very much!! I'll do my best!!

  #11, 2000  

Three of my friends are getting married this summer. Nothing less for the millenium!! Congratulations to all of you, and may you be happy forever!!

  #12, 2000  

I went to one of the anime episode completion parties. The ONE PIECE anime is supported by really wonderful people.

  #13, 2000  

Y, one of my staffers, is a super sculptor. He makes a very realistic cockroach with a kneaded eraser and vinyl. Please stop it.

  #14, 2000  

Buena Vista Social Club. That's all I listen to lately. I have feallen in love with the legendary vocal of Cuba.

  #15, 2000  

Hikaru Utada and Misia. Our studio is split over which one is a better singer. We decided that the winner was Hibari Misora.

  #16, 2000  

Thank you very much for all of the Valentine's Day chocolates!! I'll eat these and do my best just a little bit! ["choco-tto" means a little bit, and yes it was originally a pun in Japanese] No, that won't do at all...

  #17, 2000  

I went to the sneak preview of the ONE PIECE movie. It had a good groove, and it was an amusing movie! It's packed with the staff's playfulness until the ending sequence.

  #18, 2000  

I went to watch a K-1 fight. My heart was stabbed by the fight between Kurosawa and Kakuda. It was so..... AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!

  #19, 2000  

Hey missus, did you hear!? The ONE PIECE soundtrack CD! It's really good! It's fun!!

  #20, 2000  

A child was born between our staffer Y and his wife!! Congratulations!! It's a girl!! You're a dad now, Y!

  #21, 2000  

While I was planning the snow-land arc, I randomly recieved a SNOWMAN CD from a reader. It had good atmosphere and sped up the planning process. Thank you very much.

  #22/3, 2000  

Lately, when I take a break, I wander through illustration sites all over the world on the Internet. They're so good!!! What a huge world we live in!

  #24, 2000  

When I can't make up a storyboard and am in pain, I think: hey, this world is only a Matrix, dammit!! ..... Oh, I saw it recently.

  #25, 2000  

I finally got the long-awaited tablet on our mac!! What fun it is!! It's bad!!

  #26, 2000  

I had a horrible time. I am supposed to be invincible, but I got a fever for the first time in 10 years. I realized what pain Nami was going through. Luffy!! Hurry up and take Nami to a doctor!!

  #27, 2000  

I want to watch Japanese movies. On DVD. Will Kurosawa works, or the JINGI [NAKI TATAKAI] series come out [on DVD]?

  #28, 2000  

For some reason, the planning sheets for the ONE PIECE game keeps getting bigger. I can't wait for it to come out already!

  #29, 2000  

I was invited by Shimabu- [Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, author of SEIKIMATSU LEADER-DEN TAKESHI!] to go watch a recording of DOWNTOWN DX. I laughed from the bottom of my stomach at Matchan's real-time silliness and Hama-chan's real-time retorts.

  #30, 2000  

I bought Alflex's THE SEVEN SAMURAI figures. Man, this is so well-made it makes me cry, Kikuchiyo!!!

  #31, 2000  

I met Mr. Kyousuke Usuta for the first time at the 2 Big Awards [Tezuka and Akatsuka awards, the biggest manga contest sponsored by JUMP] awards reception. We're both from Kumamoto, and we're both the same age. It makes me happy for some reason.

  #32, 2000  

I'm sorry I'm so late, but Mr. [Kazumata] Oguri, you must be tired from drawing the [HANASAKA TENSHI] TENTEN-KUN series. Please play lots now.

  #33, 2000  

That thing that Nami and Vivi have on their bodies on the cover this week. I don't know what it's called, but I wanted to draw one at some point. It feels like India, and I like it.

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