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Name: Eiichiro Oda

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 1, 50 Showa [1975]

Home Prefecture: Kumamo-to (laugh) (you're killing me!)
The way he wrote in the entry was "kumamo prefecture", as he circled the "to" suffix used in modern-day Japan only for Tokyo prefecture (="tokyo-to", as opposed to "kumamoto-ken")...

Height: 172cm

Weight: 62kg

Blood Type: A

How long you have been drawing manga: 19 years

Manga awards previously received: Silver Honors, 44th Tezuka Awards / Gold Honors, Hop-Step Awards

Hobby/Talents: Hobby - Physical Fatigue / Talent - Nutrition Replenishment
The catch-phrase for Lipovitan-D, an energy drink, is "nutrition replenishment for when you have physical fatigue"... and this "pun" of an answer comes from that.

Why you wanted to be a manga artist: Manga is wonderful.

Favorite manga artists and titles: Akira Toriyama THE WORLD (all titles), Masaya Tokuhiro, Shinobu Kaitani

Ideas for your next title: A love story that crosses mountains, flies over valleys, runs through the forest, flies through the air, rips wind apart, swims through the clouds, pierces through flames, rumbles the earth, separates the waters, and makes heaven fall.

Anything goes - sell yourself here: Though I have recieved awards, my works are nothing but manga from a new artist. I would like you to feel the spirit that is embedded in the work more so than how amusing the story is in general. ALL RIGHT, I'M GOING TO DO MY BEST!!!

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