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Although I have copies of this version, please note that I have no knowledge of Chinese. I got them out of love for OP (and curiosity on what it looks like in another language).

I noticed that basic information (such as # of pages and what episodes are in it) are the same as the Japanese versions while flipping through them; so I will list only the ISBN numbers here.

Volumes 1-12 are 75 Yuan each, and volumes 13 and up are 80 Yuan each.

  taiwanese vol.9
Volume 1: ISBN957-25-3583-8

Volume 2: ISBN957-25-3754-7

Volume 3: ISBN957-25-3916-7

Volume 4: ISBN957-25-4104-8

Volume 5: ISBN957-25-4223-0

Volume 6: ISBN957-25-4332-6

Volume 7: ISBN957-25-4485-3

Volume 8: ISBN957-25-4621-X

Volume 9: ISBN957-25-4744-5

Volume 10: ISBN957-25-4937-5

Volume 11: ISBN957-25-5118-3

Volume 12: ISBN957-25-5315-1

Volume 13: ISBN957-25-5425-5

Volume 14: ISBN957-25-5668-1

Volume 15: ISBN957-25-5944-3

Volume 16: ISBN957-25-5962-1

Volume 17: ISBN957-25-6117-0

Volume 18: ISBN957-25-6205-3

Volume 19: ISBN957-25-6493-5

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