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There really isn't much use for an "updates" page, because I have my "updates log" CGI script... So, I will write about how diligently (NOT!) I worked to bring this (D:P! v3) right here in this "hidden" page.
There actually is another reason for this page, but only for a chosen few... will you be one of the chosen? Good luck, because you get no hints. Everything you need to know is right here on this page.

In case you want to know what my stylesheet (compatible with NN4.7, even!) looks like, I have a text (i.e. "easily viewable on the web") version of my stylesheet over here. As you can see, it's just a ton of simple (basic, rudimentary, elementary) style settings -- I'm still not good at imagining how things look using that layer thing yet, so I'll probably be using basic styles and tables for a while yet....

  September 18, 2000  

Thought of updating OP page (that's this site) for the first time in over 6 months (-_-) comes to mind. I then decided that I didn't like my 2.0 design anymore (I tend to do this often: design, leave alone, and by the time I'm ready to update I hate the design)... especially because I asked my ex what he thought of that v2.0 design (...^^;;) Booted up photoshop and toss elements about. Made up a mock menu.

  September 21, 2000  

Deside on final menu design and cut up the images. Make new index and content template (the template that this page is made from). Get bogged down with work and flu. Set up experimental webboard based on the multi-board CGI I installed for my personal account which is also getting a redesign. Started fooling around with the concept of stylesheets.

  September 26, 2000  

Flu heals and rika catches up on work, thus becoming able to work on the site again. fixed html errors in template; transferred what I had of the AUTHOR section and the MANGA INFO section in v2 into templates. Created new ML/BBS page. Thought about external stylesheet, but gave up because Netscape4.7 on my PC doesn't like using externally linked CSS sheets while working off the HD, and I am pro-Netscape so I don't use IE until the final checks. Updated webring (damn them for being bought out by the g'day-mate peoples)... I wish there were ppl that would join this ring (T_T)

  October 6, 2000  

rika escapes from the hells of work (real-life and ex) that has been keeping her away from finishing D:P!v3, and is taking a brief moment to do an update, because by a stroke of genius (i.e. coincidence) rika figures out why the stylesheets were not working the way it should in IE5. Just like how the table tag syntax is loose in IE, the stylesheet syntax is loose in NN4 and it was accepting things that shouldn't be accepted. Of course, it took NN6PR3 giving what IE5 was giving in terms of presentation for rika to realize her error... and to boot, rika figured out why the external stylesheets weren't working on NN4.7 (duh) so rika now is happy with a huge external stylesheet. ^_^ And the happy occasion continues as I coded the imagemap for the menu correctly!

  October 23, 2000  

rika finishes work and ex for the week, and resumes activity. added info on anime, novel, sound sections. put construction notice on etc. other than pub info for vols 11-15 and all the new scans that need to be done since my last update (vols 11-15, all cd's, logue town novel) and the weekly address by oda-cchi (and that comickers interview), marine side is done. and there is much rejoicing. yaaaaay. but the toughest part still remains: pirate side has a shitload more information than the marine side, esp. coz I have to make all of them from scratch.... oh that who's who and glossary are going to HURT....

  October 25, 2000  

added weekly addresses for all jumps until #47, 2000, but need to find #46 again -- I must have lent it out and haven't gotten it back yet. also filled in ordering info for volumes 11~15 as well as the scans that I mentioned above. Also, I made a new menu graphic, and then decided to do rotating-by-the-second images with javascript. This gets me thinking -- make more menu graphics to rotate! and... other things... images have gone under a diet and they are lighter, although with increases in DSL/cablemodem connections, it doesn't matter much.... and I moved the fastcounter counter from the menu page to the index page to see how many come in via the menu, or see just the index and leave (i.e. difference between fastcounter and the cgi counter on main menu)....

  October 26, 2000  

started fiddling around with cgi, and now I have my two english boards (with room for more) and one japanese board, just like the old days. except they're all cgi (which I keep on oldcrows to lighten the load on apricot ^_^;;) so they won't go away like the last jpns board... -_-;;; also added a colorful site update cgi. but alas, I won't be using that one until this site goes live, so I'll continue to write the site updates manually over here, heh heh heh.

  October 30, 2000  

found #46 comment so I added it in. finally started on the pirate side by transferring the glossary (and splitting it up into 3 segments)... now I just have to figure out how to deal with the jpns/english entries... make them all jpns and translate them right underneath or something? also made the prototype character index as well as the char profile template (which will have a very lonely right half until I finish drawing each guy)...... after I'm done with the glossary and char profiles, I will revamp the fanart/cosplay gallery and fanfiction section... then add a "lyrics" segment.... and get to the the huge project called synopses...... and the even bigger project called linking everyone again.......... oh yeah I need to tweak the english bbs cgi script a bit more, esp. the settings...... sheesh I still have a way to go before this is done @_@;;;;

  November 4, 2000  

For the past few weeks, I've becoming increasingly addicted to DRAGON QUEST 7, which drastically decreases my time in front of my PC. Nonetheless, I am here once again spending my midnight oil working on D:P! for the sheer love of OP. Added #48 and #49 comments. Made rudimentary links list page, though the only jpns link I have is to the one OP site I still visit semi-regularly, which is Andi-san's Let'sOne.... (I will fix that at the end of the upgrade...) Also made rudimentary front page for the fan/doujin section, though I won't play with the galleries just yet. Reformatted (and slightly edited) my one and only OP fic that I have to date (my god I haven't written a fic in ages... time to start VoR again.... must finish that fic before I turn 25 I say...) and upon doing so decided on the template all fics featured on this site will have. Nice and simple. ^_^ Also set up synopses pages (with semi-hidden links to yohko's translations, albeit she has sent me only ep.133 which she sent via the GrandLine list...) and stuck in all the synopses I've ever done as part of my (late) jump site and the ones I've done for EX. Dang, now I have a rudimentary site again, although it's still missing quite a bit of the "fan-created" contents... and set up the webforum for fic submissions, and the freefile board for fanart submissions... I can't believe it's already been a month and a half since I started working on this site... I will roll this version out before I turn 24 dammit! (>_<);;

  November 6, 2000  

I should be working on work-work, but I just don't feel like it so I added all the old jpns links to the linklist and then uploaded the fanart and fanfic submission boards. Now, I will have to revise all of the Japanese instructions (and form fields) into English.... oh why didn't I just borrow the freefile board from hagipage ee.... it's basically the same thing, duh (T_T)

  November 7, 2000  

fixed all the jpns on the fic board and the fanart board to english, but kept the just-for-me admin part in jpns coz it's a pain in the ass to change.

  January 27, 2001  

Omigod it's been 2.5 months and look where I am... nowhere.... and it's been over a year since I last touched version 2.... eek! must roll this out SOON!! There are DVD infos and VHS infos to search and add in now... now only if I had enough time away from work and family duty to finish this thing before I head out to Japan for 3 weeks (especially because I'm seeing that this site is continuously getting over 100 hits/week...) wish me luck, folks. Meanwhile, I added a comment in the author section, got the old fanart back up into the new template, added manga volume 16 info as well as more CD release info, and reorganized the TV anime section for me to be able to fit the info in once I get the DVDs (but wait that's not happening until I go to jpn... oh the catch-22) .... and I still have to find what little fanart I have from Y2K, and do the synops, song lyrics, glossary, and char profiles.... eeeeeeek

  January 31, 2001  

played around with freebie perl scripts...

  March 30, 2001  

Got back from a 3-wk trip to Japan (including watching that second movie! >_<b), finally got caught up in work (don't ask how far behind I was...), making me able to work on the site for the first time in 2 months. Perhaps I should open up this version, and update as we go along -- there is just too much info missing from V2 (including the defunct jpns webboard that I had rented)... but oh wait... the server that I have my site on is down thanks to northpoint dsl dying....

  April 20, 2001  

I didn't realize yohko had sent me lyrics to the first op/ed, but I did put them up today... I'm still tinkering around with other stuff too... the weekly address has been updated, and the comickers interview has been finally translated (yes I was in a "let's translate" mood...) and synopses that I promised the GrandLine list have started (with ep.178)... I've updated all sorts of info (jpns manga, anime ep list, anime dvd ordering, cds, novels) though I'm still waiting for a couple of those things to arrive from jpn (like dvd piece.3 and the third novel and the psx game)... I got a friend in singapore to get me the taiwan and singapore vsns so I'll be creating those now (albeit I have NO knowledge of chinese, must remember to write as such)... I wonder when I'll see the spanish and thai vsns... and I added the new seiyuus that were posted on the jpns anime page... god I do wish for furigana on those things...

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