MH backed IMAP server

Like so many things, existing packages never do quite what I want. The case here is that I use "mh" and "exmh" to read my email when I am at home. This allows me to nicely 'glimpse' index all of my messages for easy searching.

However when traveling this is not a convenient method of accessing my mail although it does have the universal "if I have a command line I can read my email" functionality.

IMAP is probably the best widely adapted protocol for this. However, few IMAP servers will properly support a mail store that is in MH, and the ones that try fail miserably.

I could move our mail stores from MH to Maildir or something else, but then I lose some of the really nice functionality of being able to "glimpse" my entire mail collection easily. I also lose the "nothing else works, but I do have a ssh window I can read my mail from."

So, I started (and stopped and restarted) writing my own IMAP server that deals fairly intelligently with an MH backend.

I do not have Trac up and running yet, but if you want to peruse the source as it exists you can find it here:

scanner at