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s a n j i
chef, straw pirate fleet

Age: 19
Birthday: March 2
Originally From: ? - Orbit - Baratie
Devil Fruit: none
Intelligence: relatively low (but more than Luffy??)
Personality: girl-crazy and short-tempered
Holds Dear:

First Appearance: baratie arc

When Sanji met Luffy, he was the chief assistant to the owner/head chef (Zeff) aboard the Baratie. Looks like 25 but actually is 19. Always smoking a cigarette. Never shows his left eye. Eyebrow is extremely curly (Zoro later calls him "wonderful eyebrow" during one of their arguments for that reason.) Never uses hands to attack, but he doesn't need hands because his kicks can turn rocks into sand! His dream is to find All Blue, the legendary area somewhere along Grand Line where fish from all four seas live. Very short-tempered against men, but a sucker for beautiful women. ^^;
He initially doesn't want to leave the Baratie because he doesn't feel he has repaid Zeff enough... but Zeff asks Luffy to take Sanji along to the Grand Line, and he ends up on the boat with much tears.

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