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b e n   b e c k m a n
vice-captain, redhead pirate fleet

Originally From: ??
Devil Fruit: none/
Personality: supportive

Second in command of Shanks' ship. The smartest (by far) of all ONE PIECE characters introduced in the first ~8 volumes according to Oda-sensei, Ben proves to be a good shoulder for Shanks to lean on. (The intelligence and cool looks must be why a lot of the yaoi loving girls in Japan have stories about BxSh...)

h i g u m a
mountain thug

Originally From: ??
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: plain evil

The thug that entered the Party's Bar in the first episode. He boasts of killing 56 people, and his head was worth 8 million bellies. However, not even he could survive being eaten alive by the Master of the Near Seas (and thus he is the character with the shortest air-time in a way...)

l u c k y   r o u x
crew, redhead pirate fleet

Originally From: ??
Devil Fruit: none?
Personality: hungry

A member of Shanks' ship. He's the fat one with the goggles (and is usually eating a turkey(?) drumstick).

m a k i n o
owner and bartender, party's bar

Originally From: Fusha Village
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: kind, gentle

Party's Bar was the place where Shanks and company were mainly seen while they took root in Fusha Village for approximately a year. Luffy has a huge tab at her place, which he swears he will pay off when he hits it big on the treasure front.

y a s o p p
marksman(?), redhead pirate fleet

Originally From: Syrup Village
Devil Fruit: none?
Personality: seemingly sanguine

Usopp's father and a crew member of Shanks' ship. Excellent gunman but a bad father, he left the young Usopp and his mother to sail the seas with Shanks. Hates mushrooms.

a l v i d a
"alvida the iron club" / captain, alvida pirate fleet

Originally From: ??
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: self-centered

A rather... rotund... female pirate. A fiend of beauty, she clubs (sometimes to death) people who think she is ugly and/or who do not do a decent job of cleaning her fleet's flagship. Luffy commented to her face that she looked like an old butch ("ikatsui obasan".... honest boy!). Named after Alvilda, a pirate that really existed (and shown here is only one of many spellings found in pirate books).

c o b y
crew, alvida pirate fleet --> marine seaman

Originally From: ??
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: timid

A little boy who was acting as servant and navigator for Alvida on her ship. A rather cowardly fellow at first, he learned what it meant to show some guts to do what he wanted when he met Luffy and Zoro. His dream is to be a high-ranking officer at Marine Headquarters. He is currently working his way up the corporate ladder in the 153rd district.

h e l m e p p o
just a brat --> marine seaman

Originally From: Morgan's Village
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: selfish, egocentric

Son of Morgan who basically uses his dad's powers to do whatever the hell he pleases. He ultimately gets a painful lesson from Luffy and Zoro, and joins the Marine Headquarters with Coby after his dad gets captured at the end of the arc.

m o r g a n
"morgan the axe-hand" / marine captain

Originally From: Morgan's Village
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: vain

A Marine captain. He has the mistaken notion that power is everything in this world, and rules over powerless people with brute force. He values titles and people obeying him, and his dream is to be the most powerful man in the world. However, he falls in front of the budding Straw Pirate Fleet, and is captured -- and that's when his real adventure begins....
He is named after Henry Morgan, a pirate that really existed back in the days...

r i k a
a village girl

Originally From: Morgan's Village
Devil Fruit: none
Personality: brave yet silly?

The little girl that made sugary rice-balls for Zoro. She was also the reason that Zoro got captured by Morgan in the first place, as our green-headed swordsman got arrested only for cutting Helmeppo's wolf to save her.
(Outside of the ONE PIECE context, rika is the site caretaker of this website that you are looking at now, who uses self-drawn fanart of this girl as a self-portrait though she is already 25.)

k u i n a
a girl with a sword

Originally From: ??
Personality: ambitious

The daughter of Zoro's swordsmanship teacher. Despite being female, she was the one person Zoro could never defeat in childhood. She passed away after falling down the stairs in the wrong way soon after promising him that the two of them would race to see which would become the strongest swordsman first; this makes Zoro decide that he will uphold their vow and become the strongest swordsman in the world.

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