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The TV Series

The television anime version of ONE PIECE is currently airing in Japan, in the Fuji Television networks. It used to show on Wednesday nights at 7:00~7:30pm, but the current timeslot (as of April 2001) is Sunday nights at 7:30-8:00pm. The following Fuji network stations air the anime:

Fuji TV / Kansai TV / Toukai TV / TV Nishi-Nippon / Hokkaido Bunka Housou / Iwate Menkoi TV / Sendai Housou / Akita TV / Yamagata Sakuranbo TV / Fukushima TV / Niigata Sougou TV / Nagano Housou / TV Shizuoka / Toyama TV / Ishikawa TV / Fukui TV / Sanin Chuuou TV / Okayama Housou / TV Shin-Hiroshima / Ehime Housou / Kouchi Sun-Sun TV / Saga TV / TV Nagasaki / TV Kumamoto / TV Miyazaki / Kagoshima TV / Okinawa TV.

If you can read Japanese, there is an official homepage for the television version, courtesy of Toei Animation.

So far, the TV series has created three spinoff movies (with a fourth in the works for a March 2003 theatrical release in Japan). The first two are available for rental (VHS and DVD) at your local Japanese video rental store, as well as available for purchase (VHS and DVD) from your local import anime shop.

As of November 2000, episodes of the TV series have been starting its slow trickle into the rental video market. As of February 2001, they started the even slower monthly pilgrimage into the for-sale market. Note that at any time, the most number of episodes available is by rental VHS, followed by the monthly release of the for-sale VHS and both for-sale and rental-only DVDs. Since I will be putting up release info only for the for-sale DVD version on this site (because that's the only version I'm getting, and I'm sure most anime fans by now are switching to region 2 DVD's anyway), I will mention here that packaging (and ordering) info for VHS and the rental versions can be from the manufacturer/distributor (avex mode)'s OP release info website (also Japanese only).

It seems that each season, the first few volumes have a "collect and get" item. If you purchase all the volumes involved and send in the completed order form with a Japanese postal money order, you get a special goodie (offer valid only to residents of Japan, unfortunately - so find a friend living in Japan if you live abroad). The gift for the first season (pieces.1-6, offer now void) was a pewter-looking set of the first real figure gashapon series; the second season (pieces.1-5, postmark deadline 9/30/02) features a sea map of the Grand Line created by the staff.

* Ordering Information for for-sale TV series DVDs (1 / 2)

* Ordering Information for for-sale movie DVDs

* Episode list (1999-2000 / 2001 / 2002)

* Cast and staff

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