logue-town log book

This is the log for the dreambook (i.e. guestbook/bbs) that I had set up for versions 1 (6/17/99-12/9/99) and 2 (12/10/99-4/20/01) of this site.
I like interactivity more than anything else in these kinds of things; that's why I replaced the guestbook with a real bbs perlscript that I found off the 'net for version 3, though it's harder to keep a log. Incidentally, I don't keep logs for the dp3 boards because I feel that I don't need to.
In fact, I didn't think about putting up these guestbook archives until someone mentioned they wanted to see them... and by then dreambook was down.
Much thanks to Chibi Watsuki, who actually had the html file for some strange reason that I will not inquire about (cache?)

Considering how I'm getting more voices from all of you on the dp3 boards compared to the guestbook below, I think I made the right choice in switching.

Anyway, here's the logs... I noticed that some people have the "I'm right, you're wrong" thing going, especially with how you spell people's names. I'm not saying that I'm right, but whenever I see a spelling in the manga (or on official merchandise) I use it; if you're going to say "Oda-cchi writes so-and-so's name this way like I do", give me proof by pointing me out to the exact page number in the OP manga. much thanks. =)

And yes, since this page will never be touched again, I'm keeping it simple. ^_^

Sunji khung April 4th 2001 07:08:44
cool site with one piece keep updating do'nt close this site and one more thing i give you a clue to make you the best onepiece site that is add mp3 music of one piece like We Are~! (opening themes)in full lenght and other one piece music stuff.....i'm looking forward in your web site from...............................REAL BIG FAN OF ONEPIECE
Ina Kohr Tuesday March 27th 2001 10:22:13
Hi there, I don't know, if it had functioned. I wrote a lot, so I can't write it all again. I have some information about some other characters related to real persons, such as Alvida related to Alwilda a scandinavian princess turning pirate when her father tried to force her into marriage. If you're interested in more, please mail me. Bye Ina
Ina Kohr Tuesday March 27th 2001 10:17:36
I'm from germany as well. And first I didn't recognized One Piece since the manga came out in germany. And as to say I love it, it's cool and the chars are so lively... By the way Alvida is originally written Alwilda and was a viking princess in 500 A.D. (didn't Oda-san mention that he loved Vikings?). She turned pirate, when her father tried to force her to marriage. Morgan was no pirate, he was a privateer, working for the English Government. Maybe he's called a rogue, but not a pirate. He was one of the most succesful military strategists. And for Francois l'Ollonois, he was that cruel and hated by the native indians, that they (in fact they hated the spanish very much) allied with the Spanish to get rid og l'Ollonois. He was torn limb by limb and burned over a crossfire. What do you think about Jean Laffit? Could it be, that he is related to Luffy? Lafitt was a very humorous man, as the governor put up a bounty for Lafitt with 750 Dollar, Lafitt put up a bounty for the governor with 1500 Dollar. And what about Captain Samuel Bellamy? He was called Captain Black, so doesn't Captain Kuro mean the same thing? If you have any further information, please contact me. Bye Ina^^
Chibi Watsuki (HP) Monday March 19th 2001 09:45:28
Love the details you put in Oda-sensei's information. Keep updating, please ^o^
Nami-chan (HP) Thursday March 1st 2001 01:20:45
Hi~ I am a Sanji and Nami's fans!!! Hehe, I think Sanji is the coolest in the whole OP series!
Miso (HP) Thursday March 1st 2001 08:30:48
Hi! This site is very international!! actually, now i manage my website with the aim of world wide, but i'm not good at english very much. so i really respect you, master! i'm glad to see this site. by the way,i LOVE Sanji best in ONEPIECE. that's all. bye bye baby!!!
jinjue chong (HP) Monday February 19th 2001 02:04:18
wow! an english one piece page! anyway, I just want to say that I love the page, I love the series, and I can't wait for the fansubs to come out (for they are being fansubbed as we speak...) well, that's about it. ja ne. ^_^
yami (HP) Tuesday February 13th 2001 06:45:54
Nice to meet you. I'm Japanese. sorry, for my poor English. I can't enter Japanese bbs. so, I sign here. This page is very interesting! fun! I have a question. I want to know about One Piece Comic in foreign language. Do you read English-version One Piece????? I want to read English One Piece..... ....I'm Zoro crazy!
PrettyMay Sunday December 17th 2000 12:14:02
When I saw the pictures of OnePiece the first time I hate it. Really! But then we get the Manga in Germany (where I come from) and I must say: I love it! its one of my favourits now. Later if downloaded the first Episode of OnePiece and its great too. I only want to say that. Your Page is really cool but you could make a gallery with pics of OP. I have looking for pics but I havnt found some. But the rest of your Page is great! Bye! May!
pearl*Moguri {HP) Saturday December 9th 2000 07:09:35
Nice page.One Piece's one of my favorite of favorite Comics!! Keep on cool.I have One piece section on my HP.Gonna go check it out!!^^(Fanart main) And...I wanna link to your page.Could I.....????
Pai (HP) Wednesday December 6th 2000 07:29:41
Hello! First of all One Piece is Sugoooiiii! And this site is awesome too. I hope people make more english One Piece sites! I have a small One Piece section at my homepage so drop by when you have time! Bye~
EvilSephiroth Tuesday December 5th 2000 06:17:02
I'll let ya know when its finished ^_^. I haven't really gotten to work on it in a while with school and all... I also got a couple deck of OP cards but I have no clue how to play the game ^_^
rika Tuesday November 7th 2000 02:18:25
I'm currently making everything better... and adding QUITE a bit of new info (like, oh, CDs?).... a couple more weeks and it should be out in the open for everyone's perusal. I doubt everyone who signed here will peek in here again, but here is my barrage of replies for the past year and a half: Rob D - thanks for the compliments, haven't seen you around lately, but I hope everything is well. Kai Swol - your page moved! Where did it go!? Blue Fox - I'm glad I could make a fellow OP fan happy =) Red Angel - yeah, I remember your mail, hope you're still doing well... my favorite characters are Sanji and Vivi. ^_^ harlock-kun - I dunno if Oda-sensei is a fan of LUPIN III... I do know from various articles that he is a big fan of Toriyama (DRAGON BALL), though ^^;;; matthew - thanks for the shop tip. I'm adding shop links to the next update, and your link helps! =) Nandaka Yosage - I'll keep trying to update and improve this page as long as I can... at least until after the series is long over in Jump and on TV. jc - how did your auction go? Chachan - ditto on Sanji! woohoo! =) Ryman - if you haven't found the translation sites already, check the Anipike links for OP. =) Mike - on OP Volume 11, P.114, the wanted ad says "MONKEY D. LUFFY", just like how I spell it. No "R". Cheers. sendo - I hope you are getting to know more about OP from all the translations that are on the web! RU - look at OP volume 6, p.36, and observe BARATIE written on the ship. Cheers. Icarus - I assumed you were korean from the hangul on your site title (and BBS)... Unfortunately, I can't read korean ^_^;; visuth - I hope you found a source of information. LL - thanks for the thanks! Jessi - well, I read Jumps at about the same pace (if not faster) than the people in Japan, so I've been a fan of OP for much longer than I've had this site up. ^_^;; It's always good to hear that people are finding out about this series! xiaoli - I know! I want more fanfics, too! ^_^;; usagi-chan - Nope, I live in california. ^_^;; As for pictures.... urk, I've never been known as someone who makes lots of scans to put up on websites, so you might have to go somewhere else... sorry. m(__)m Sayuri - I'll try my best with timely (weekly?) updates once I'm done with the revamp (which has already taken a month and a half, thanks to my growing workload....) so I hope you'll be a regular face on the bulletin boards when I get it up! EvilSephiroth - ooh... I've been wanting to learn how to play an RPG! You have to let me in on your OP RPG when you're done! =) whew..... that's everyone, I think. welp, back to the revamp... I will ship this before I turn 24 dammit... @_@;;;
EvilSephiroth Sunday October 22nd 2000 03:38:55
This is my fav anime... I have the first 15 issues and the movie... great site! I'm working on a One Piece RPG now, with RPG maker 2000 ^_^
Sayuri Tuesday October 3rd 2000 07:01:08
This is like my favourite cartoon ever! I'm collecting all the volumes and at the moment I just bought vol.15 . I recomend every one to read on if they are fans. I love this site as well so please keep up dateing it:)
usagi-chan Saturday September 30th 2000 01:36:57
My pen pal sent me a tape of shows off the tv. One Piece was the last show on the tape. The animation wasn't all that impressive, but i liked the voices. The episode just happend to be the one about nami's past. I don't know what they were saying, but i sure wish i did. Actually, i did understand some of it, but only a couple words. So, do you (the web master) live in japan? I want to ask you some things... but i couldn't find you e-mail address on the page. Please e-mail me. The site is nice, but could use some more pictures. Ja ^-^ -うさぎちゃん
xiaoli Tuesday September 26th 2000 05:13:52
love the layout. i'll be looking forward to furthur developments. more fanfiction, people!
Nandaka Yosage Sunday September 17th 2000 07:06:49
>Jessi I dont know if i could help you but i know the singers name. Her name is Maki Otsuki.
Jessi (HP) Friday September 15th 2000 04:46:15
heh heh... I forgot to add that if somebody could point me in the direction of where I can find the lyrics to the closing song of the first season of OP, I'd reeeaaally appreciate it. I think the song's name is Memories, but I'm not sure of the singer. Thanks!!!
Jessi (HP) Wednesday September 13th 2000 06:35:57
Woah! This site is really awesome!! I _really_ like the layout and everything, even if there are a few broken links (happens to the best of us), it looks really polished. Also, great content. I just moved to Japan and a friend of mine got me interested in One Piece about a week ago- I love it!!! America is so slow, we never get anything cool until it's old in Japan, so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a good site about One Piece, but I was wrong!! Thanks for the reaaaallly helpful glossary and char bios (when you're not fluent in Japanese, but yet watching One Piece completely in Japanese, things tend to be a little confusing). Once again, great job! -Jessi, "but fire thought she'd really rather be water instead..."-
LL (HP) Sunday September 3rd 2000 12:20:37
Nice site, arigato gozaimasu!

fave chat

visuth trangkasombat Saturday September 2nd 2000 02:06:52
I like this cartoon very much but now I go to study in usa so I don't know where to buy it and now how far the story is so if any body have an information please mail me thanks
Nandaka Yosage Tuesday August 29th 2000 08:55:55
RU, Baratie is right dayo!
Icarus Monday August 28th 2000 05:29:07
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RU Sunday August 27th 2000 11:45:54
I'm a fan of Onepiece inJapan.I'm really surprised at your knowledge of ONEPIECE-world!! and I'm happy that I could find the people loving ONEPICE as sama as I..Thanks to open this website. P.S. "Baratie"is wrong!! The correct name of Zeff's resuaurant is "Paratie". OK?
sendo Sunday August 27th 2000 10:05:53
i think one piece is the most funniest cartoon i like it so much and i think this web is nice too because i know more about one piece and thank you for the ownner of this web site
Mike (HP) Saturday August 26th 2000 10:33:12
Anyone looking for a full English translation of the series need look no further than: http://brucelee.uhome.net/wwcx-jp.jpg And incidentally, Oda Eiichiro spells Ruffy's name in English just like I did. No "L". Cheers- Mike
Ryman Friday August 25th 2000 07:04:06
Does anyone know where theres a translation for the whole one piece seiries or maybe can someone send me the translation? All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rym
Chachan Sunday August 20th 2000 12:24:46
One piece is the best anime ever created and I hope it's put on English television soon. Sanji is obviously my favorte character. He is SO kakkoi and kawaii!!!! I love him! Anyway... The anime has lots of good ministories and plots and I own all the manga printed so far ((1-14))
jc Tuesday August 8th 2000 05:04:08
hey people... i don't know whether this is illegal or not.. anyway, is anyone interested in buying One Piece single cds??? i purchased them in japan and i have put them on the yahoo auction.. but not a lot of people know of this manga. anyway, if anyone is interested contact me...or check out the yahoo auction..
Nandaka Yosage Wednesday July 19th 2000 10:24:11
Haji~~~~~! I like this site! There're many One Piece's sites in Japan, but I don't like Yaoi things. I think yours is the most comprehensive one in the world!! Keep up this great job ZUTTO ne!!!
Matthew Trudell Thursday July 13th 2000 10:19:43
I like your page! I wish that you had more images though! It's nice to see that there are others out there who enjoy One Piece. Do you plan to add any info on the movie? I found a site that sells One Piece figures and cards. The address is: https://www.wizzywig.com/shopframe.html There is also a site that sells the one piece music CD. It's called AAAAnime and can be found on the Anime Turnpike. I can't find any more merchantdise though! Oh wel, I'll keep looking! Keep up the good work!
harlock kun (HP) Sunday July 9th 2000 05:01:52
Hi rica It's now 2 days that I first read a 'One Piece' tome... and I've already put up a 'One Piece' fan page.. unfortunately geocities is pretty much down, so it's not up yet. Anyway,congratulations on your exquisite site.I've seen some 'ONE PIECE' homepages around, but you definetly deliver the goods (lots of information and stuff). I was wondering... does anybody know about Oda Eiichiro-san beeing a fan of monkey punch? 'Cause I see lots of similarities to his work 'rupan III'. I'm not trying to say he copied him, but Odas drawing stile and character design instantly evoke MP's manga (at least to me): Nami-Fujiko Roronoa-Goemon Ruffie D Monkey-Rupan da Third.... got it? Anyway,please continue your great work on this site about the best pirate story since a certain space pirate sailed the endless sea of stars ^_^
Red Angel Friday June 16th 2000 10:35:32
Urm, Hi again! sorry I had to write another raving--but I just had to! anyway...I wonder if anyone is a zoro fan 'round these parts...? Well I am DEFINITELY one, and maybe I'll make a little closet shrine for the pirate-hunter...but that's just maybe. I'm still learning how to make a website, so I'm still debating if I should make a One Piece website or what! But I hope you can still add those new stuff Rika! Keep it up! ...anyway, who's YOUR favorite character?
Red Angel Friday June 16th 2000 10:17:41
Dear Rika!!! Teme--!! Umai na!! I love you Rika! Damn, this place is lookin good! Sanji'll be impressed!! Remember me? Kay? I also e-mailed you on your cool Jump website! Wow, you really did made the ONe Piece website! and I love you for it! Finally, a page dedicated to the Greatness that is One Piece. Now finally everyone will know why this manga was the #1 most popular manga for the past 2 years! (and this year too!) Keep up the good work, give a shrine for Zoro for me :) - the red angel
Blue Fox Wednesday March 8th 2000 12:30:40
How terrible. This Book thingamajig deserves more entries. You made my day...more than once. I'm a huge One Piece fan struggling to survive in a country where it's virtually unknown...seeing such a comprehensive site in English ...just...well...nearly made me cry I was so happy. Anyway...uhm...fight on! For the rising number of American One Piece fans!!
Kai Swol Tuesday June 29th 1999 06:07:53
I am glad to meet you. I am custodian of "ONE MORE PIECE". (I am Kai Swol.) Thank you link. Hour depends on mutual link for a while. It is English site. A parenthesis is too good. The des that I am finished very neatly, and fluctuation in exchange rates is guilty. In the and next chance
Rob D. (HP) Friday June 18th 1999 08:15:53
Great job Rika! I couldn't expect anymore from a One Piece page. Now I can go through One Piece understanding more of the story than I did before! heh, and if anyone gets a chance, check out my pathetic attempt to promote One Piece. I also have several One Piece influenced fanart on the page. I can't wait to see the One Piece anime! Thanks Rika! ^_^ -Rob D. Gokou3@aol.com www.toriyama.org
rika Friday June 18th 1999 05:44:27
Well, here it is. a nice new homepage for my current absolute favorite series. I have a feeling this will get updated more often than the others (jump synopses excluded)... although I will keep up with the Jump page this time. Enjoy your stay, and if you have something to contribute feel free to drop me a line! =)

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