Chapter One, Page Five

Yurika Tries To Get Somewhere, Part Two

Yurika bit her lip in frustration. She felt out of control now that the steering wheel didn't work. Nothing in the car seemed to work the same since she had used the teleporter. She was certain that she wasn't going to arrive at her destination on time now. The cat-car seemed to have a mind of its own, and now it had decided to rest on the road median. All Yurika could do was sit and look back at the people staring at her as they passed. She amused herself with the thought of explaining to her parents what happened to her car when she returned to the school. Absently, she stroked the dashboard, which made the cat-car purr.

She happened to be looking at the traffic coming up on her right when she saw Sanders approaching in his giant car. At least she thought that it was Sanders. The green automobile blurred for a moment, and when its outline sharpened, she caught a glimpse of yellow.

"Oh no," she uttered with a sharp intake of breath, "Not again..." She pressed her foot on the floor where the accelerator should be but found thick fur instead. She looked back, and the car wasn't there.

Yurika blinked several times. She was certain that she wasn't imagining things. She looked again and was puzzled to see Sander's car again, but it was still at the same distance where she had first seen it. It didn't make any sense, but she knew from experience that nothing made sense when Sanders was involved. She tried turning the key, hoping that the ignition would get something to work. The cat-car merely lifted its head to look at its passenger out of the side of its eye, only to return to its rest. Yurika took another look back at the traffic.

Sander's car was still there, but somehow it looked a lot further away than it did before, only moving faster. Yurika gritted her teeth. He might playing games with her mind, or maybe that was the way things worked for Sanders. Either way, she knew that he wasn't going to take forever.

Somehow, the cat-car sensed her apprehension. Yurika thought she felt the vehicle tense up with a drawn out purr. She stole one last look for Sanders, but his car was nowheres to be seen.

The cat-car pounced into the air, and Yurika heard the roar of an engine as Sander's car tore up the ground where the cat-car had been resting. She couldn't tell from which direction he came from, but she and the cat-car landed in front of the green automobile. A gasp escaped from Yurika as she realized this, but before she could further react, the cat-car leapt into the eastward bound lanes of the Pike with Sanders following on its trail.

The drivers heading east weren't pleased with this situation as several cars came to a screeching halt with horns blaring. Yurika caught a glance at surprised faces as she found herself being transported back over to the median. Sanders didn't seem too worried about driving in the wrong direction as he continued the chase.

Yurika realized that Sanders was slowly catching up to her. Try as it might, the cat-car couldn't keep up this pace because it wasn't inexhaustible. But where could she go where Sanders wouldn't follow?

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